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Tips & Tricks before call to Appliance Repair

Basic Troubleshooting Hints Before You Call:
  • Is the appliance turned on at the wall?
  • Is the appliance turned on via the power switch/button on the appliance?
  • Is the water turned on for dishwasher / washing machines? Both hot (when applicable) & cold?
  • Is the door or lid properly shut on the appliance?
  • Is the clock set on your oven?
  • Is your dishwasher or washing machine fixed and level on the floor?
Trouble shooting Dryer   Trouble Shooting Dishwasher     Trouble shooting Fridge   

FAQS about Fees for Service in Auckland Only

1 ) Do you come to us or do we drop the appliances to you?
We come to you and can repair the majority of faults onsite.

2) How long does it take to get a serviceman out to see me?
May same day if you call before 11AM otherwise it will be another day of your choice

3) Is there a second call out fee charged if you need to come back with parts?
There is only one call out fee until job is complete.

4) How much will it cost me to fix my appliance?
Most jobs take around half and hour to 45 minute to fix.
Cost is $99.00 + Gst ($113.85) for labour and service call fee (30 Minute) and cost of  parts if needed . Estimate of cost will be provided after test done by technician usually in 5 minute .Service call fee need to be paid at end of first visit no matter job is finished or not .

5) What do you charge if it take longer than 30 minute to repair my appliances ?
Hourly rate is $60.00 plus Gst which count by Every 15 minute block of time is $15.00+Gst

6) I am not quite sure if my appliance is worth repairing?
We will send a technician to your house to check your appliances and if we find your appliance uneconomical to repair we will present a 20% discount on our service call fee.

7) What do you charge if I Have more than appliance to fix?
Basic test and advise for extra appliances is free, separate quote of repair will given prior to repair done.

8) What if I bring my appliance to your work shop to repair?
We Charge $65.00 plus Gst for inspection fee, we will give you 
quotation before repair complete.

9) What if you take our appliance to your workshop to repair?
We charge $60.00 plus Gst for shipping and we will give you final quotation before repair complete.


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