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Trouble Shooting Dryer


1.) Troubleshooting an Electric Clothes Dryer
When your dryer doesn't do its job, look first to the basics. Is it plugged in? Is the cord defective? Has the dryer's fuse blown or has the circuit breaker tripped? Clean the lint trap and use a vacuum to remove any lint from the exhaust duct. If the load seems too wet to dry efficiently, put it through the washer's spin cycle again.

2.) Drum doesn't rotate, though dryer turns on.
Possible Problems :

Defective start switch, door switch, or timer.
Loose or broken drum belt.
Loose or broken idler pulley or spring.
Defective support roller.

Possible solutions :

Tighten loose belt.
Replace broken belt.
Replace idler pulley or spring.
Replace support roller.
Call for service.

3.) Dryer doesn't heat, though drum rotates.
Possible Problems :

Defective temperature control or timer.
Defective over heat protector.
Check reset button if fitted.
Defective heating element.

Possible solutions :

Replace temperature control or timer.
Replace overheat protector.
Check fuse or circuit breaker.
Replace heating element.
Call for service.

4.) Clothes don't dry.
Possible Problems :

Clogged lint trap or exhaust duct.
Worn door seal.

Possible solutions :

Clean lint trap or exhaust duct.
Replace door seal.

5.) Dryer runs noisily.
Possible Problems :

Worn drum belt.
Defective idler pulley or support roller.
Loose blower.
Worn motor bearings.
Worn drum bearing.

Possible solutions :

Replace drum belt.*
Replace idler pulley or support roller.*
Tighten setscrew holding blower to shaft.
Replace bearings or motor.
Replace drum bearing.
Call for service.

6.) You can't turn the dryer on.
Possible Problems :

Open door
No power reaching the outlet.
Rest is open
Damaged door switch

Possible solutions :

Shut the door again.
Check the fuse box/circuit breaker.
Tighten the electrical connections.
Check reset button if fitted
Call for service.

7.) The motor runs but the drum doesn't turn.
Possible Problems :

Drum jammed
Broken drive belt
Broken idler wheel assembly
Work support wheel

Possible solutions :

Call for service.

8.) The drum turns but nothing gets dry.
Possible Problems :

Clogged lint trap or exhaust vent
Defective safety thermostat is defective
Defective heating element
Defective timer
Broken blower belt

Possible solutions :

Unclog lint trap or exhaust vent.
Replace blower belt.
Call for service.

9.) It takes too long to dry a load.
Possible Problems :

Clogged lint trap or exhaust vent
Overloaded dryer
Clothes that are too wet
Loose fan
Damaged door gasket

Possible solutions :

Clean the trap and vent.
Reduce the load and try again.
Check the gasket and replace if necessary.
Call for service.
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