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Smeg Microwave Magnetron 2M226-20GWH MAGNETRON 800W-II MM180B

$700.00 + FREIGHT & GST

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Smeg Oven parts and Microwave, Microwave Spare parts all brand,, Microwave Magnetron,


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Ariston Microwave
MD 554 IX A

Indesit Microwave
MWI 3343 IX, MWI 3345 IX, MWI 4343 WH, MWI 4343 BL,

Smeg Microwave
FM100, FME120, FME120N, FME120NA, FME120NK, FME120NZ, FME18EX, FME20EX, FME20EX1, FME20EX2, FME20EX3, FME20TC, FME20TC3, FMI120, FMI120B, FMI120B1, FMI120N, FMI120N1, FMI120S1, FMI320X, FMI420N, FMI420S, FMI420X, FMIA120, FMIA120B1, FMIA120N, FMIA120N1, FMIA120S1, FMIA320X, FMS20TCK, ME200B, ME201N, ME202X, ME202X-1, ME203FX, MM180B, MM181N, MM182X, MM182XS,

Whirlpool Microwave
AMW 732 WH, AMW 703 WH, AMW 703 NB, AMW 703 IX, AMW 705 WH, AMW 705 NB, AMW 705 IX, AMW 712 IX, AMW 731 IX, AMW 732 NB, AMW 732 IX, AMW 733 IX, AMW 735 WH, AMW 735 NB, AMW 735 MR, AMW 735 IX, AMW 737 WH, AMW 737 NB, AMW 737 IX, AMW 742/WH, AMW 742/NB, AMW 742/IX, AMW 743/IX, AMW 754 IX, AMW 755 IX, AMW 758 IX, AMW 715 IX, AMW 7032 IX, AMW 707 IX, AMW 7031 BL, AMW 7031 IX, AMW 7031 WH, AMW 7032/1 IX, AMW 712/1 IX, AMW 706 IX, AMW 715 IXL, AMW 735 S, AMW 735 IXL, AMW 931 IXL, AMW 7012 IX, AMW 755 IXL, AMW 705 S, AMW 758 IXL, AMW 733 IXL, AMW761/IXL, AMW 931/WH, AMW 931/NB, AMW 735/NB, AMW 703/IX, AMW 733/IX, AMW 735/S, AMW 735/IXL, AMW 737/IX, AMW 715/IX, AMW 758/IXL, AMW 931/IXL, AMW 735/WH, AMW 707/IX, AMW 730/IX, AMW 730/NB, AMW 730/WH, AMW 730/SD, AMW 755/IXL, AMW 731/IX, AMW 705/IX, AMW 705/S, AMW 733/IXL, AMW 703/NB, AMW 734/IX, AMW 731/NB, AMW 731/WH, AMW 735/AN, AMW 735/WS, AMW730IX, AMW755IXL, AMW755IX, AMW 732/WH, AMW730NB, AMW731IX, AMW703IX, AMW7121IX, AMW715IXL, AMW730WH, AMW734IX, AMW730SD, AMW731NB, AMW731WH, AMW732WH, AMW735IX, AMW735NB, AMW735WH, AMW735AN, AMW735S, AMW735IXL, AMW758IXL, AMW761IXL, AMW931IXL, W7MD540, W6MD440, W7MD440, W7MD520, W7MD440WH, W7MD440NB, W6MD520, W6MD460, AMW733IX, W9MD260IXL, AMW804IX, AMW784IX, W7MD460, W9MD260BSS, W6MD440BSS, 




We highly recommend that you remove the faulty part and conduct a thorough comparison with the model number, photo, and dimensions provided above. If your model number is not listed, the part you have differs from the photo provided, or you are uncertain, kindly send your inquiry via email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz. We will respond as soon as possible and give you the right part you need.

972750025 , 972750025, 481010491930, 5045382825921, J00281310 C00311846, 481010491930, 482000018893, 


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