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Baumatic Fridge Spare parts BF360SS, BF360w No longer available , it is too old

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Sorry, the selected product is currently out of stock. Sorry, there are only 0 of this item currently in stock. the selected product is not available.


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THE Part you are looking for is no longer available Please don't call about it as there is no replacement alternate part for it.

1414001012... NO LONGER AVAILABLE. LEG 005212$3.3421433001021NLA - Tray Drip407$7.6131434001002NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. Upper Hinge Spacer204$1.8941434001034NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. SHIM 019206$0.4751434001035... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. HINGE BOTTOM209$9.3161512101003... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. CRISPER 013115$53.6071512301024NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. TRAY CHILLER101$26.6381512301030NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. TRAY CHILLER 076 SET111$19.0591512301032... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. TRAY CRISPER 080 SET114$33.10101512601016NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. Ice Cube Box107$11.06111512801029NLA - TRAY DRAIN116$0.00121512901016... NO LONGER AVAILABLE. DOOR 026109$6.64131513001019NLA - SUPPORT 001108$1.08141513001030NLA - GROMMET 005110$0.48151513001059NLA - PLATE MTG MOTOR 013222$33.15161513001088NLA - REAR COVER 014242$0.00171513001092NLA - CASE DAMPER236$0.00181513801003NLA - SHIELD LIGHT 012228$1.96191514001001NLA - COMP BASE ROLLER404$1.50201514001002NLA - CASTOR214$3.81211514201001NLA - SEAL 182207$41.80221514444001NLA - KICK PL216$33.24231515544001NLA - RACK F-T 053301$13.00241515544002NLA - RACK F-B 054302$5.41251515544003NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. RACK R-M 056 UP308$13.73261515544004... NO LONGER AVAILABLE. RACK R-B 057311$6.56271515544005... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. RACK R-T 055 UP306$13.00281515701032NLA - TRAY EGG 012305$2.49291515801026NLA - UPPER HINGE COV202$1.19301517501001NLA - RELAY COV ( C-BZN NON CFC )415$4.18311757301011NLA - Condenser419$71.46321757401015NLA - Evaporater Assy401$147.93331757501006NLA - PLATE BABINET BASE406$0.00341811202010NLA - MUFFER422$4.02351811520125NLA - Absorber423$1.89361811520127NLA - ABSORBER 121-06408$0.00371811520163NLA - SIDE PKG FOAM SIZE 20x150x1,300MM503$0.00381811520177NLA - INSULATION "A"I027240$0.00391811614007NLA - CABLE CLAMP UC-9426$0.00401811630033NLA - Glass Tube Heater402$104.02411811920002NLA - HEX.BOLT 6x33MM.410$0.11421811930001NLA - SPRING WASHER 1/4"420$0.18431811930005NLA - STEEL WASHER 6x24MM.411$0.18441812001014NLA - CLIP FAN LOCK220$0.00451812001017NLA - Roller Shaft403$1.89461812001018NLA - Roller Shaft213$3.81471812001037NLA - TIMER FXG PL.424$1.21481812001048NLA - RACK PARTITION 011317$13.73491812001145... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. ICE CUBE TRAY SPRING104$0.72501812001242NLA - GROMMET (SS)241$1.64511813001016NLA - RELAY COV FXG CLIP414$0.31521813001061NLA - INSULATION 192237$0.00531813001062NLA - INSULATION 193234$0.00541813001075NLA - FRONT GROMMET223$0.00551813001076NLA - BACK GROMMET225$0.00561813101003NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. THERMOSTAT219$67.90571813101004NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. Damper thermostat235$57.80581813501004NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. DEFROST TIMER - BF360 FRIDGE418$55.68591813801003NLA - LAMP SOCKET229$0.00601814001033NLA - ... NLA ONCE ALL SOLD. Mid Hinge205$9.94611814001037NLA - LEG 151211$2.68




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