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Westinghouse Electrolux fridge door shelf SBM3800, SBM4300, STM3600, STM3900,

Westinghouse Electrolux fridge door shelf SBM3800, SBM4300, STM3600, STM3900,
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Door Shelf EBM4300SC, KTM3600WB KTM3900WB KTM4200WB KTM4400WB KTM3600WB*07 KTM3900WB*07, KTM4200WB*07 KTM4400WB*07 KTM3600WB*06 KTM3900MB*06 KTM3900WB*06 KTM4200WB*06 KTM4400WB*06, EHE5107SA 925042468 STM3600WA STM3900WA STM4400WA ETM3600WB ETM3900SB ETM4200WB ETM4200SB, ETM3900WB EBM3800WB EBM4300WB EBM4300SB ETM4200SC STM3600WA*3 STM3900WA*3 STM4400WA*3 EBE4300SC, KBM3800WB KBM4300WB KTM3900MB KTM3600WA*06 KTM3900MA*06 KTM3900WA*06 KTM4200WA*06, KTM4400WA*06 EBM4307SC ETM4407SC ERM4307SC STM4200WB EBE4300SB*01 EBE4307SD-R 925042811 EBE4307SD-L, 925042810 ETM4200SD 925042822 925042823 HBE4307SD-L 925042844 HBE4307SD-R 925042845 EBM4300SD 925042801, 925042802 EBM4307SA ETE4200SC ERM4300WB STM4200WA KBM3800MB KBM3800PC 925042790 925042789, KBM3800WB*08 925042426 925042414 KBM4300WB*08 925042424 925042412 KBM3800WB*06 KBM3800MB*06, KBM4300WB*06 KBM3800WB*07 KBM4300WB*07 ETE4200SB*01 KBM3800MA*06 KBM3800WA*06 KBM4300WA*06, EBE4300SB KTM4200WA STM3900MA*3 EHE5107SB 925042815 EBE4300SD-R 925042806 EBE4300SD-L 925042805 EHE5167SB 925042816 STM3900WB ETE4407SD-L 925042826 ETE4407SD-R 925042827 ETE4200SB ERM4307SD 923041050 ETM4407SA HRM4307SDRE SBM3800WA SBM4300WA SBM3800WB SBM4300WB STM3900MB SBM3800MA*3 SBM3800MB SBM3800WA*3 SBM4300WA*3 ETM4402PB-RPH 925042474, ETM4402PB-RT 925042538 ETE4402SB-RT 925042536 ETM4402PB-RE 925042539 ETE4402SB-RE 925042537 ETM4402PB-RSA 925042634 EBE4300SE-L 925042695 EBE4300SE-R 925042694 KTM3600WB*08 LH 925042421 KTM3600WB*08 RH, 925042409 KTM3900PC LH 925042792 KTM3900PC RH 925042791 KTM3900WB*08 LH 925042420 KTM3900WB*08 RH, 925042408 KTM4200WB*08 LH 925042418 KTM4200WB*08 RH 925042406 KTM4400WB*08 LH 925042417 KTM4400WB*08, RH 925042405, N360J N390SEJ N420SEJ N440SEJ N390J N390SJ N420J N440J N440SJ NB380J NB430J NB430SJ NB380SEJ, NB430SEJ EBM3800WA, EBM4300WA ETM3600WA, ETM3900WA EBM4300SA ETM3900SA ETM4400WA ETM4400SA CS430J EBE3800SA, EBE4300SA, ETE3900SA ETE4400SA, STM3900MA SR390C SR440C SBM3800MA SB380C SB430C, ERM4300WA, 

this shelf superseded a few times and may photo doesn't look like the same, go with model number 


Screen Shot 2017-12-28 at 7
NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online (to reserve ) than request for pick on message box, we will reply to confirm your part is ready than we will refund shipping fee to your account after part picked up.

1448033, 1448029, 1446090, 1441781, 

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