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Whirlpool Maytag Ge Defrost Element GC2027HNKBS, SAL2027GBB, SAL2027GBS, AC2027HEKB, MC2027HEKB,

Whirlpool Maytag Ge Defrost Element GC2027HNKBS, SAL2027GBB, SAL2027GBS, AC2027HEKB, MC2027HEKB,
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Defrost Element Heater ARG488/G/BLACK, ARG488/G/BLACK, ARG498/G/WP, ART725, ART735, ART735, ART745, ART749SSFC, ART749SSFC/UK, ARZ726/B, ARZ726/W, ARZ735/S, ARZ735/W, ARZ737/B, ARZ767/S, ARZ767/SSFC, S20BRBB20-A/G, S20BRBB20-A/G, S20BRBB22-A/G, S20BRSB21-A/G, S20BRSB21-A/G, S20BRSS31-A/G, S20BRSS31-A/G, S20BRWW20-A/G, S20BRWW20-A/G, S20BRWW22-A/G, S20BTSB21-A/G, S20BTSB21-A/G, S20BTSB21-A/G, S20BTSB21-A/G, S20CCSS31-A/UK, S20CFWW20-A/G, S20CFWW20-A/G, S20CRWW10-A/G, S20DFBB20-A/G, S20DFSS10-A/G, S20DRBB32-A/G, S20DRSB33-A/G, S20DRSS10-A/G, S20DRSS33-A/G, S20DRWW30-A/G, S20DTSB33-A/G, S20ERAA1V-A/G, S20ERAA2V-A/G, S20ERAA32-A/G, S20ERWW1V-A/G, S20ERWW1V-A/G, S20ERWW2V-A/G, S22DFSS30-A/G, S25BIHS, S25BRSB31-A/G, S25BRSB31-A/G, S25BRSB31-A/G, S25BRSS31-A/G, S25BRSS31-A/G, S25BRSS31-A/G, S25BRWW20-A/G, S25BRWW20-A/G, S25BRWW20-A/G, S25CCSS31-A/UK, S25DRBB33-A/G, S25DRBB33-A/G, S25DRSS33-A/G, S25BIHSS25BRSB31-A/G, ARG488/G/BLACK 853448801000, ARG488/G/BLACK 853448801010, ARG498/G/WP 853449801000, ART725 856472501000, ART735 856473501000, ART735 856473501001, ART745 856474501000, ART745 856474501001, ART749SSFC 856474901000, ART749SSFC/UK 856474915000, ARZ726/B 858672601010, ARZ726/W 858672601000, ARZ735/S 858673501020, ARZ735/W 858673501000, ARZ737/B 858673701010, ARZ767/S 858676701000, ARZ767/SSFC 858676715000, S20BRBB20-A/G 858615215000, S20BRBB20-A/G 858615215001, S20BRBB22-A/G 858615110011, S20BRSB21-A/G 858615115000, S20BRSB21-A/G 858615115001, S20BRSS31-A/G 858615115010, S20BRSS31-A/G 858615115011, S20BRWW20-A/G 858615215010, S20BRWW20-A/G 858615215011, S20BRWW22-A/G 858615110000, S20BTSB21-A/G 858615010001, S20BTSB21-A/G 858615015000, S20BTSB21-A/G 858615015001, S20BTSB21-A/G 858615015002, S20CCSS31-A/UK 858622015000, S20CFWW20-A/G 858615515000, S20CFWW20-A/G 858615515001, S20CRWW10-A/G 858615415000, S20DFBB20-A/G 858615515010, S20DFSS10-A/G 858616115000, S20DRBB32-A/G 858615815000, S20DRSB33-A/G 858615815010, S20DRSS10-A/G 858615415010, S20DRSS33-A/G 858615815020, S20DRWW30-A/G 858615915000, S20DTSB33-A/G 858615715000, S20ERAA1V-A/G 858617315000, S20ERAA2V-A/G 858617415000, S20ERAA32-A/G 858616215000, S20ERWW1V-A/G 858617111000, S20ERWW1V-A/G 858617115000, S20ERWW2V-A/G 858617215000, S22DFSS30-A/G 858616015001, S25BIHS 858616515000, S25BRSB31-A/G 858616615020, S25BRSB31-A/G 858616615021, S25BRSB31-A/G 858616615022, S25BRSS31-A/G 858616615010, S25BRSS31-A/G 858616615011, S25BRSS31-A/G 858616615012, S25BRWW20-A/G 858616615000, S25BRWW20-A/G 858616615001, S25BRWW20-A/G 858616615002, S25CCSS31-A/UK 858622515000, S25DRBB33-A/

   2VED27TKFN00  2VED27TKFN01  2VED27TKFW00  2VED27TKFW01  2VED27TKN00  2VED27TKW00  2VGD27DQFN00  2VGD27DQFN01  2VGD27DQFW00  2VGD27DQFW01  2VGD29DQFB00  2VGD29DQFB01  2VGD29DQFW00  2VGD29DQFW01  3ED25DQXDN00  3ED25DQXDW00  3ED27DQXDN00  3ED27DQXDW00  3ED27DQXFW00  3VED27DQDW00  3VED27DQEW00  3VED27DQEW01  3VED27DQFW00  3VED27DQFW01  3VED29DQDB00  3VED29DQDW00  3VED29DQEB00  3VED29DQEB01  3VED29DQEN00  3VED29DQEN01  3VED29DQEW00  3VED29DQEW01  3VED29DQFB00  3VED29DQFB01  3VED29DQFN00  3VED29DQFN01  3VED29DQFW00  3VED29DQFW01  3XARG488G00  3XARG488G01  3XARG488GF00  3XARG488GF01  3XARG498WP00  3XARG498WP01  3XARG499WP00  3XART725F00  3XART725F01  3XART725F02  3XART725F03  3XART735G00  3XART735G01  3XART745GW00  3XART745GW01  3XART745GW02  3XEC5SHGKQ00  3XEC5THGKB00  3XED5SHGKS00  3XED5SHGKS01  3XED5SHGKS02  3XED5SHQKQ00  3XED5SHQKQ02  3XED7SHGKB00  3XED7SHGKB01  3XKGN705000  3XKGN705001  3XKGN7050F00  3XKGN7050F01  3XKGN7050F02  3XKGN7050F03  3XKGN7050W01  3XRA720  4ED25DQXDN00  4ED25DQXDN01  4ED25DQXDN02  4ED25DQXDW00  4ED25DQXDW01  4ED25DQXDW02  4ED25DQXFN00  4ED25DQXFN01  4ED25DQXFW00  4ED25DQXFW01  4ED27DQXDN00  4ED27DQXDW00  4KSRS25CHT00  4KSRS25CHT01  4KSRS25CHT02  4KSRS25CHW00  4KSRS25CHW01  4KSRS25CHW02  4KSRS25KLT00  4KSRS25QDA00  4KSRS25QDA01  4KSRS25QDW00  4KSRS25QDW01  4KSRS25QFA00  4KSRS25QFA01  4KSRS25QFA02  4KSRS25QFA03  4KSRS25QFW00  4KSRS25QFW01  4KSRS25QFW02  4KSRS25QFW03  4KSRS27CHT00  4KSRS27CHT02  4KSRS27QDA00  4KSRS27QDA01  4KSRS27QDW00  4KSRS27QDW01  4KSRS27QFA00  4KSRS27QFA01  4KSRS27QFA02  4KSRS27QFA03  4KSRS27QFW00  4KSRS27QFW01  4KSRS27QFW02  4YED25DQDN00  4YED25DQDN01  4YED25DQDN02  4YED25DQDW00  4YED25DQDW01  4YED25DQDW02  4YED25DQFN00  4YED25DQFN01  4YED25DQFN02  4YED25DQFN03  4YED25DQFW00  4YED25DQFW01  4YED25DQFW02  4YED25DQFW03  4YED25PQFN00  4YED25PQFN01  4YED25PQFN02  4YED25PQFN03  4YED25PQFN04  4YED25PWDN00  4YED25PWDN01  4YED25PWDW00  4YED25PWDW01  4YED27DQDN00  4YED27DQDN01  4YED27DQDN02  4YED27DQDW00  4YED27DQDW01  4YED27DQDW02  4YED27DQFN00  4YED27DQFN01  4YED27DQFN02  4YED27DQFN03  4YED27DQFN04  4YED27DQFW00  4YED27DQFW01  4YED27DQFW02  4YED27DQFW03  4YED27DQFW04  4YED27PQFN00  4YED27PQFN01  4YED27PQFN02  4YED27PQFN03  4YED27PQFN04  4YED5FHQKT00  4YED5FHQKT01  4YED7FHQKT00  4YED7FHQKT01  4YGD25DCHT00  4YGD25DCHT01  4YGD25DCHT02  4YGD25DCHW00  4YGD25DCHW01  4YGD27DCHT00  4YGD27DCHT01  4YGD27DCHT02  4YGD27DCHW00  4YGD27DCHW01  5VED7GTKKQ00  5VED7GTKKQ01  5VED7GTKKT00  5VED7GTKKT01  5VGS7SHGKQ00  5VGS7SHGKQ01  5VGS7SHGKT00  5VGS7SHGKT01  5VGS9SHGKQ00  5VGS9SHGKQ01  5VGS9SHGKT00  5VGS9SHGKT01  6ED25DQXDB00  6ED25DQXDB01  6ED25DQXDW00  6ED25DQXDW01  6ED25DQXFB00  6ED25DQXFB01  6ED25DQXFB02  6ED25DQXFB03  6ED25DQXFW00  6ED25DQXFW01  6ED25DQXFW02  6ED25DQXFW03  6ED27DQXFW00  6ED27DQXFW01  6GC5THGXKS00  6GD25DCXHS00  6GD25DCXHS02  6GD25DCXHS03  6GD25DCXHS04  6GD25DCXHS05  6GD25DCXHS06  6GD25DCXHS07  6GD25DCXHS08  6GD25DCXHW00  6GD25DCXHW02  6GD25DCXHW03  6GD25DCXHW04  6GD25DCXHW05  6GD25DCXHW06  6GD25DCXHW08  6GD27DFXFS00  6GD27DFXFS01  6GD27DFXFS02  6GD27DFXS00  6GD5SHGXSS00  6GD5SHQXKB00  6GD5SHQXKB01  6GD5SHQXKB02  6GS5SHGXRS00  6GS5SHGXRS01  8340NFSBS00 , 

Total length of vertical arms - 48.5cm, width - 24.5cm, lead length - 120mm with bare ends.


NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online and select PICK UP on check out, when part is ready we will call you .









We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. selecting wrong part and return is possible but there will be %20 restocking fee involve which supplier is charging us.

481902188177, 2175047, 2188177, 2313331, W10123653, WPW10123653,  AP4371866, PS2347799, W10123653,

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