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Ariston Cooktop switch regulator single element 50.57021.010,

Ariston Cooktop switch regulator single element 50.57021.010,
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It will supply in BLACK as white one no longer available

Screen Shot 2020-05-17 at 10

7HKRM 641 DX RU / HA-257917501007HKRM 641 DX RU / HA-257917502007HKRM 641 DX RU / HA-257917503007HKRM 641 DX RU / HA-446881700007OH 637 C.1 IX RU / HA-036863100007H 837 C.1 IX RU / HA-036863200007OHH 627 IXRU / HA-037029600007OHK 637 CX RU / HA-03736950000A6V530WEX-F083793A6V530XEX-F083796AXMT6533 / IX-F093823AXMT6534 / IX-F093792AXMT6534IX / 1-F093841C 3V M5 (W) R / HA- 25485140000C 3V M5 (W) UA / HA-25718180000C 3V M5 (X) R / HA-25485150000C 3V M5 (X) R-25389570000C 3V M6 (W) F / HA-F053567C 3V M6 (X) F / HA-F053568C 3V P6 (W) R / HA-25485180000C 3V P6 (W) R-25389600000C 3 V P6 (X) R / HA-25485190000C 3V P6 (X) R-25389610000C 3V9 P (W) R-25260530000C 3V9 P (W) U-25260510000C 504 VE3 (BB) -03069950000C 504 VE3 ( BB) -03069950100C 6V9 P (W) F-03216940000C 6V9 P (W) R-03220950000C 6V9 P (W) SK 230-03281890000C 6V9 P (W) SK 400-03281900000C 6V9 P (W) U- 03294940000C 6V9 P (X) SK 230-03281910000C 6V9 P (X) SK 400-03281920000C 6V9 PA R-03220960000C3B M6 (W) F / HA-25689360000C3B M6 (X) F / HA-25689340000C3V M57 ( W) RU / HA-25688450000C3V M57 (W) RU / HA-25688450100C3V M57 (X) RU / HA-25688460000C3V7M (B) R-25310630000C3V7M (X) R-25307070000C3V7M.3 (W) R-25338030000C3V7MW / R-25260520000C3V8P (W) U-25294800000C3V8P (X) U-25294810000C3V8P.2 (W) U-25302950000C3V8P.2 (X) U-25302960000C3V9EWF-25276420000C3V9P (W) U-25260510100C3V9P.2 (W) U-25302930000C3V9PWR-25260530200C3VM5 (W) R-F038956C3VM6 (W) F-25366710000C3VM6 (X) F-F041289C3VP6WRHAS-F081045C3VP6XRHAS-F081046C504VE3-55069950000C6V9P (W) F-03216940100C6V9P (W) R-03220950100C6V9P.3 (W) U-03302680000C6V9P.5 (W) R-03294630000C6V9PAR-03220960200C6V9PW / SK230-03281890100C6V9PW / SK400-03281900100C6V9PX / SK230-03281910100C6V9PX / SK400-03281920100C6VF7 (X) R- 25307930000C6VF8 (X) R-25331090000C6VF8 (X) R-25331090100C6VF8 (X) R-25331090200C6VF8 (X) R-F033109C6VF8XU-25319540000C6VF8XU-25319540100C6VF8XU-25319540200C6VF8XU-F031954C6VP1 (W) SK230-25336070000C6VP1 (X ) SK230-25336080000C6VP4 (W) R-25307970000C6VP4 (X) R-25307990000CE6VP4 (X) R-F043130CE6VP4 (X) R / HA-25485360000CE6VP4 (X) R / HA-F048536CE6VP5 (X) GR / HA S-25810470000CE6VP5 (W) GR-F042384CE6VP5 (W) GR / HA-F048537CE6VP5 (X) GR-F042385CE6VP5 (X) GR / HA-25485380000CE6VP5 (X) GR / HA-25485380100CE6VP5 (X) GR / HA-F048538CE6VP6 (W) EU / HA-25485390000CE6VP6 (W) EU / HA-25485390100CE6VP6 (W) EU-F044911CEM 645 D C-F055536CEM645DX-F055537CI3V P67 (X) RU / HA-25688600000CI3V P67 (X) RU / HA-25688600100CI6V E97 A1 (X) /HA.0-25894580000CI6V E97 (W) RU / HA-25688660000CI6V E97 (X) RU / HA-25762490000CI6VE9 (W) R / HA-F061577CI6VE97A1XHA-25827570100CI6VE97A1XHA-F082757CP 0V9 M (X) OF S-25939420000CP 0V9 M (X) DE S-25939420100CP 0V9 M (X) OF S-44809050100CP 0V9 M (X) DE-44445950000CP0V9M (X) DE-79302550000CP0V9M (X) AUS-44590610000CP0V9M (X) AUS-F059061CP6V8M (X) DE-79307030000CP6VF8 EE-F030704CP9VP6 DE / HA S-44809270100CP9VP6 DE / HA S-44809270200CP9VP6 DE / HA S-44809270300CP9VP6 DE / HA-44536810000CRM641DC-25791060100CRM641DC-25791060200CRM641DC-25791060300CRM641DX-25791070100CRM641DX-25791070200CRM641DX-25791070300CRM641DC -55538CRM641DX-55539E6011 (T) -55319490000E6011-44388530000E6011-44388530100E6011X (T) -55310490000E6011X (T) -55310490100E6011X-44388540000E6011X-44388540100E6014 (T) -55319480000E6014-44388550000E6014-44388550100E6014X (T) ) -55310480000E6014X (T) -55310480100E6014X-44388560000E6014X-44388560100EC6011 (T) -55340570000EC6011-44388590000EC6014 (T) -55,340,580,000EC6014-44388600000EC6014-44388600100EW12C-25302420100EW12P-25299570100G1 TM (W) GR-03048580200G1MCGR-03048580300G1MCR-03146890000G2 VC (W) GR-03054660000G2VCGR-03054660100G650MC-03137100000H 101.1 IX-03427340000H 101.1 IX-03427340100H 60.1 IX / HA-03485810000H 60.1 IX-03330840000H 61.1 (BK) / HA-03485820000H 61.1 (WH) / HA-03485830000H 61.1 IX / HA-03485840000H 62 C. 1 IX / HA-03483430000H 66 V.1 IX-03330880000H 66.1 IX / HA-03485860000H 66.1 IX / HA-03485860100H 66.1 IX-03330860000H 87 V.1 IX-03330870000H 89 V.1 IX / HA-03485870000H 89 V.1 IX-03427320000H 89 V.1 IX-03427320100H10.1IX-03330830000H101.1IX / HA-F048580H5V56WRU-25849840000H5V56WRU -F084984H5V56XRU-25849810000H5V56XRU-F084981H5VMC6AXRU-F084986H5VMH5A (W) -25,882,490,100H5VMH5A (X) -25,882,440,100H5VMH6AXEA-25852740000H5VMH6AXEA-F085274H5VMH6AXPL-25853960100H5VMH6AXPL-F085396H60.1 (ALU) -03,330,850,000H60.1IX-03330840100H60VP. 1IX-03330900000H60VP.1IX-03330900100H60VP.1IX-F033090H60VP.1IX / Y-03330900200H60VP.1IX / Y-03330900300H61.1 (BK) -F045402H61.1 (WH) -F045403H61.1IX-E045401H622.1IX-E045405H62C.1IX-E045404H637C.1IX / HA-03596800000H637C.1IX / HA-E059680H66.1IX-03330860100H66V.1IX-03330880100H6V530ARU-E084312H6V560WRU-F084308H6V560XRU-F084310H6V5D60 (W) RU-25876070100H6V5D60 (X) RU-25876060000H6V5D60 (X) RU-25876060100H6V9CA1WFR-25837070100H6V9CA1WFR-25837070200H6V9CA1WFR-F083707H6VMC2A (W) / FR-25883090000H6VMC6A.B (X) FR-25837060100H6VMC6A.B (X) FR-F083706H6VMC6AWEN-F083705H6VMH6A.BXGR-F084265H837C.1IX / HA-03596810000H837C.1IX / HA-F059681H87V.1 (ALU) -03330890000H87V.1IX-03330870100H87VP.1 (ALU) -F033092H87VP.1IX-03330910000H87VP.1IX-F033091H89VP.1IX-03427330000H89VP.1IX-03427330100H89VP.1IX-F042733H89VP.1IX / HA-F048359HB 22 AC IX- 03269770000HB 22 AC.1 (WH) -03298290000HB 22 AC.1 IX-03291230000HB 22 AC.1 IX-03291230001HB 22 AC.1 IX-03291230100HB 22 AC.1 IX-03291230101HB 50 ER IX-03265060000HB 50 ER.2 (ALU) -03291260000HB 50 ER.2 (ALU) -03291260100HB 50 ER.2 IX / HA-03484330000HB 50 ER.2 IX-03291270000HB 50 ER.2 IX-03291270100HB 52 AC.1 (BK) -03291210000HB 52 AC.1 (BK) -03291210001HB 52 AC.1 (BK) -03291210100HB 52 AC.1 (WH) -03291220000HB 52 AC.1 (WH) -03291220001HB 52 AC.1 (WH) -03291220100HB 52 C IX-03269850000HB 52 C.2 IX-03291200000HB 52 C.2 IX -03291200001HB 52 C.2 IX-03291200100HB 52 C.2 IX-03291200101HB 52 C.2 IX-03291200200HB 52 C.2 IX-03291200201HB 52 C.2 IX-03291200300HB 56 C IX-03269940000HB 56 C.2 IX-03291190000HB 86 C IX-03274380000HB 86 C.2 IX-03291180000HB20AC (WH) -03269760000HB22AC (IX) -03269770010HB22AC (WH) -03269780000HB22AC.1 (WH) -03298290001HB22AC.1IX- 03291230201HB50ER (ALU) -03265070000HB50ER (IX) -03265060010HB50ER.2 (ALU) -03291260200HB52ER.2IX-03291270200HB52AC (BK) -03269870000HB52AC (WH) -03269860000HB52AC.1 (BK) -03291210101HB52AC.1 (WH) -03291220101HB52C (IX) -03269850010HB52C.2IX-03291200301HB56C (BK) -03269960000HB56C (IX) -03269940010HB56C (WH) -03269950000HB56C.2IX-03291190100HB83C.1IX / HA-F053803HB86C.2IX-03291180100HB86CIX-03274380010HD 50 (BK) -03222240000HD 50 (MR) -03222250000HD 87 C (FIG.MR) -03222260000HD 87 C (WH) -03181910000HD 87 C (WH) -03181910100HD 870 C.2 / E (MR) -03291050000HD50 (BK) -03222240100HD50 (ICE) -03240200000HD50 (MR) -03222250100HD50IX-03240210000HD870C (ICE) -03283940000HD870C (MR) -03283950000HD870C (SL) -03283960000HD870C.2 (ICE) -03291040000HD870C.2 (MR) -03291050200HD870C.2 (SL) -03291060000HD87C (BK) -03181940100HD87C ( MR) -03222260100HD87C (WH) -03181940000HH 50 ER IX / HA-03670010000HH 53 ER IX / HA-03670020000HH 53 ER IX / HA-03670020100HH 53 ER IX / HA / 1-25782250100HH 627 (BK) / HA-03625060000HH 627 (WH) / HA-03625080000HH 627 IX / HA-03625090000HH831ERJIX / HA-25815020000HH831ERJIX / HA-F081502HM 87V (BK) -03165690000HM 87V (BR) -03165670000HM 87V (BR) -03165670100HM 87V (WH) -03165680000HM 87V (WH) -03165680100HM27 M IX-03135520000HM27M-03135530000HM27V (BK) -03054810000HM27V (BK) -03054810100HM27V (BR) -03054790000HM27V (BR) -03054790100HM27V (BR) -55054790000HM27V (WH) -03054800000HM27V (WH) -03054800100HM27V (WH) -55054800000HM27V-55054810000HM37V (BK) -03062670000HM37V (BK) -03062670100HM37V (BK) -55062670000HM37V (WH) -03062680000HM37V (WH) -03062680100HM37V-55062680000HM55R (BK) -03222220000HM55R (B)WH) -03222210000HM55RIX-03222230000HM87V-03165690100HO 87 EC.2 / E IX-03291070000HO 87 EC.2 / E IX-03291070300HO 87 EC.2 / E IX-03291070400HO 87 EF.1 / E (ALU) -03291080000HO 87 EF.1 / E (ALU) -03291080200HO 87 EF.1 / E (BM) -03291090000HO 87 EF.1 / E (BM) -03291090200HO 87 EF.1 / E IX-03291100200HO 87 EF.1 / E IX-03291100300HO10 (ALU) -03265090000HO10 (BM) -03265100000HO10 (IX) -03265080000HO10.2IX-03291150000HO50 (ALU) -03265120000HO50 (BM) ) -03,265,130,000HO50 (IX) -03,265,110,000HO50.2 (ALU) -03,291,110,000HO50.2 (BM) -03,291,120,000HO50.2IX-03291130000HO50.2TIX-03310650000HO87EC (IX) -03,269,970,000HO87EC.2IX-03291070100HO87EF (ALU) -03265150000HO87EF (BM) -03265160000HO87EF (IX) -03265140000HO87EF.1 / E (ALU) -03291080300HO87EF.1 / E (BM) -03291090300HO87EF.1IX-03291100000HO87EF.2 / ETDIX-03301760100HO97P.1 / E IX (T) -55292220100HO97P.1 / EIX-F031266HO97P.2 IX-55292220000HR 50.2 IX / HA-03485900000HR 50.2 IX-03330990000HR 50.2 T IX-03331000000HR 86 T.1 IX / HA-03484340000HR 87.1 IX-03331010000HR 87.1 T IX-03331020000HR 87.1 T IX-03331020100HR10.1IX-03330980000HR50.2IX- 03330990100HR50.2TIX-03331000100HR86T.1IX-F042735HR87.1IX-03331010100HR87.1TIX-03331020200HR87P.1IX-F033103HT5VM4A (AN) EA-25878570000HT5VM4A (OW) EA-25878600000KBM 6001 H IX-44,388,750,000KBM 6001 H IX-44388750100KBM-6004 CL 44,388,760,000KBM-6004 CL 44,388,760,100KBM 6004 IX (T) -55,297,360,000KBM 6004 IX (T) -55,297,360,100KBM 6004 IX-44388320000KBM 6004 IX-44388320100KBM 6004 IX-44388320200KBM 6011 DH CL-44388770000KBM 6011 DH CL-44388770100KBM 6011 DH IX (T) -55298360100KBM 6011 DH IX-44388780000KBM 6011 DH IX-F038878KBM 6014 D IX-44388790000KBM 6014 D IX-44388790100KBM6001H IX-55297370100KBM6001HIX / HA- KBM6002DHCL-F039846KBM6004 CL-55344170000KBM6004 IX-55297360200KBM6004IX / HA-F048084KBM6011DH CL-55319100000KBM6011DH IX-55298360200KBM6014D IX-55298350000KBM6014D IX-F029835KBM6014DIX / HA-F048085KEM 645 D C-F052983KEM 645 D X-F052984KEM 646 D C-F052985KP600 IX-55310640000KRM 630 C-44689690000KRM 640 C-F052986KRM 640 X-25791630100KRM 640 X-25791630200KRM 640 X-25791630300KRM 640 X-25791630400KRM 640 X-F052987KRM 641 D X-F052988KRM640C-F079162KRM641DX-25791640000KRM641DX-25791640100KRM641DX-25791640200KRM641DX-25791640300KRM641DX-F079164MC 31 E3 (AL) SKD-AQ015910000NEM 645 D C-F052915NEM 645 D X-F052916NRM640X-25790990000PH 723 RQO GH AUS-03365340000PH 723 RQO GH AUS-03365340100PH723RQOGH-03295000000PH723RQOGHAUS-03365340110VL 04S.1 (BK) -55115660000VL 04S.1 (BR) -55115640000VL 04S.1 (WH) -55115650000VL 04S. 2 (BK) -55177710000


NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online and select PICK UP on check out, when part is ready we will call you .









We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. selecting wrong part and return is possible but there will be %20 restocking fee involve which supplier is charging us.

c00037056, 50.57021.010, aa2700, 50.57071.010


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