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oven Cooktop switch regulator single element EGO 5087071000 50.87071.000, 5057071010 5037071000,

oven Cooktop switch regulator single element EGO 5087071000 50.87071.000, 5057071010 5037071000,
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This grill energy regulator EGO Brand  kit replaces the old Diamond H type switches on some ovens and cookers as well as a direct replacement for many. This part will fit many more models than is shown below, this is only a tiny sample of the models that this regulator can be used on. 

Appearance can vary! Newer version now used per images.
No More White version 

Ariston Oven & Cooker
A2010, A2010-2, A2011, A2011-1, A2011-2, A2012, A2013, A2014, A2210, A2211, FB11(BR)GB, FB11(WH)GB, FB36(BK)GB, FB36(BR)GB, FB36(IX)GB, FB36(WH)GB, FG211, FG22(BR)GB, FG22(WH)GB, FM272GB, FM373FGB, FM374GGB, FM37G.1AUS, FM37GAUS, FM87CIXGB, FM87FCGB, FM8FUK, FM8GUK, FR34S(AN)GB, FR34S(WH)GB, FS211GB, FS211GB.1, FS41GB, FV242DGB, FV271GB, FV34DGB, FV37GB., FV4UK, FV8UK, I-F2UK, I-FV4UK, IV-FM8GAUS, IV-FM8GUK, SOA2, G3SCGB, G4ST.EGB, G4STGB, G604M9.2GB, G640M9.2GB, G640M9.EGB, GVM8(W), KL40EVEA(B), KL40VESUK,

Hotpoint Oven & Cooker
6570P, 6570P MK2, 6571P, 6580P, 6580P MK11, EW10P, EW11E, EW11L, EW11P, EW20C, EW20P, EW21C, EW21E, EW21L, EW21P, EW31G, EW31N, EW31P, 52TCW, 52TCWS, C358EWH, DCH50CW, EW36G, HAE51G, HAE51GS, HAE51KS, HAE51PS, HAE51XS, HARE51K, HARE51P, HUE53G, HUE53GS, HUE53K, HUE53P, HUE53PS, HUE53PS-E, HUI614K, HW160EC, HW160EW, HW170EK, HW170EKS, HW170EW, HW170EWS,

Indesit Oven & Cooker
F079662 (BIMS31KABIX), F080526 (BIMS31KABIXS), F079652 (BIMS53K.ABIX ), F025018 (FG10K(BK)GB), F025017 (FG10K(WH)GB), F014134 (FG1GB), F014135 (FG1GB), F034016 (FI31K.B(BK)GB), F034017 (FI31K.B(WH)GB), F034015 (FI31K.BIXGB), F002846 (FIE1UK), F002847 (FIE1UK), F006424 (FIE20GB), F006425 (FIE20GB), F034020 (FIE36K.B(BK)GB), F034019 (FIE36K.B(WH)GB), F034018 (FIE36K.BIXGB), F054255 (FIE36KBBKGB1), F054259 (FIE36KBIXGB1), F054258 (FIE36KBWHGB1), F079348 (FIM31K.ABKGB), F074217 (FIM31K.ABK-T), F079350 (FIM31K.AIXGB), F074218 (FIM31K.AIX-T), F074219 (FIM31K.AWH-T), F079349 (FIM31KAWHGB), F079352 (FIM33K.ABKGB), F074221 (FIM33K.ABKT), F079351 (FIM33K.AIXGB), F074220 (FIM33K.AIX-T), F079353 (FIM33K.AWHGB), F074222 (FIM33K.AWHT), F002850 (FIM5UK), F002851 (FIM5UK), F002848 (FIV3UK), F002849 (FIV3UK), F028948 (FV10K.B(IX)GB), F028949 (FV20K.B(WH)GB), F083508 (I6EVAWUK), F074372 (IS60EW), F081210 (IS60EWS), F075064 (IT50E1X), F081216 (IT50E1XXS), F081215 (IT50EMS), F075061 (IT50EW), F081213 (IT50EWS), F033171 (K6E32(W)-G), F033172 (K6E32(X)-G), F086903 (RIT50EWUK), F088399 (IT50D1SUK), F081221 (IT50D1XXS), F081214 (IT50E(A)S), F023088 (K600V(W)-G), F029361 (K601V.C(W)-G), F028289 (K601VW-G), F025425 (K642RVS(X)-G), F024136 (K642V(G)-G), F023107 (K642VS(X)-G), F029359 (K645RV.C(X)-G), F028293 (K645RVX-G), F029360 (K645V.C(X)-G), F028291 (K645VX-G), F029358 (K647RV.C(X)-G), F028295 (K647RVX-G), F033166 (K6G32(W)-G), F033165 (K6G32(X)-G), F064077 (KD3G11S(X)-G), F000824 (KN6042WG), F005176 (KN6042WG-V), F000825 (KN6402WG), F005175 (KN6402WG-V), F001137 (KN6402WO), F004940 (KN6403WO-V), F000831 (KN6405WG), F005177 (KN6405WG-V), F004943 (KN6405XO-V), F083506 (I6VV2AWUK), F083807 (I6VV2AXEX), F083504 (I6VV2AXUK), F074367 (IS60C1W), F081207 (IS60C1WS), F074368 (IS60C1X), F081208 (IS60C1XXS), F088395 (IT50C1SUK), F081220 (IT50C1XXS), F081218 (IT50CAS), F088396 (IT50CKUK), F081219 (IT50CMS), F081217 (IT50CWS), F033168 (K6C32(W)-G), F033169 (K6C32(X)-G), F035976 (K6C320(W)-G), F062258 (K6C320(X)-AUS), F035977 (K6C320(X)-G), F054153 (KD3C1(A)-G), F078695 (KN6C320XAUS), F081255 (KN6C320XAUSS),

Smeg Oven & Cooker
EP31BU, EP31R, EP31R1L, EP31R1LG, EP31RG, EP31RGS, EP41R, EP41R1L, EP41R1LG, EP41R3L, EP41R3LG, EP41RA, EP41RF, EP41RG, EP41RGS, EP41RR, EP41RS, EP42R3GS, EP42R3S, EP42RGS, EP42RS, EP91BU, EP91RL, LEV101X, LEV135RU, LEV135X, LEV140XV, LEV141XV, LEV141XV-1, LEV143XV, LEV150XV, LEV31R, LEV31RU, LEV41XV, LEV41XV-1,
3350089 comp
3350089 co

Brand Genuine Code:AEG (50281418009) , AMICA (8062989) , BEKO (163900005) , BOMPANI (M00317552, M00317558) , BRANDT (71X7083) , ELECTROLUX (3150788234) , GORENJE (267230) , ILVE (A/456/00) , INDESIT (C00037056) , NARDI (040899009905R) , SILTAL (3.11260060130) , SMEG (816810066) , WHIRLPOOL (481927328279, 481227338086)
Manufacturer: Ego 5087021000 - 50.87021.000, 


NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online and select PICK UP on check out, when part is ready we will call you .









We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. selecting wrong part and return is possible but there will be %20 restocking fee involve which supplier is charging us.

MDAC00235538, EG14103, 14-ER-05, 50.57021.010, ELE8999, 5031681850795, HPTC00235538, BEL082605188, QUACS124, 6227421, 082605188, 082612227, ER1409, 6201380, DST3150788242, DST3256217500, DST8996613214312, WPL481927328135, HPTC00149153, HVR93679553, ELE4117, MFI163900005, BEKBE163900005, 5031681706108, 50.57021.010, 5057021010, 112-HY-01995, BEK163900005, A45600, CS124, 373506020, 5057071010E, 5017071000, 705012, 12024522, S333001000, 737630011, E2512/22-LD22, MRIC0001299, RTCU800066, RIC0001299, C00019090, EN10, 661.058.00, DE0952, 6A049320O, 6234.00001.11O, SATT37071, SSATT37071, 1230018, RX94045299, 0108231, 818731068, VE023, KVE009, 06.1505, 06-1505, 926570-01, 926561-01, 482000062479, 3350024,


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