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$35.00 + FREIGHT & GST

72mm, Inside diameter - 30mm, Height 19mm, NSK JAPAN

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Haier Washing Machine Parts, SEAL OIL SEAL AND WATER SEAL ., BEARINGS WASHING MACHINE ,, oil seal washing machine ,


Compatible with Haier and FP Elba HWM70-1203D, HWM1201, TWLWF70, HWM75-1279, HWx8040dw1, hwf75aw2, aspira, 6306, hwm1480kfl, hwm1480gfl, hwm80-1401, hwm85, hwf85aw1, hwm75AW2, HWF75AW1, HWM70-1203D, HWM70-1201, TWLWF70, HWM75-1279, HWx8040dw1
61344-A - HWM70-1203D HA AA 61345-A - HWM70-1201 HA AA 61346-A - HWM80-1403D HA AA 61356-A - TWLWF70 ASP NZ 61359-A - HWM75-1279 HA AA 61360-A - HWM85-1479 HA AA 61361-A - HWM85-1482 HA AA 61380-A - HWF85AW1 HA AA 61381-A - HWF75AW1 HA AA 61382-A - HWF80BW1 HA AA 61383-A - HWX8040DW1 HA AA 61396-A - HWF75AW2, hwf80bw1 62347-A HWF10BW1 HA AA 62341-A HWF90BW1 HA AA 61398-A HWF80BW2 HA AA 61397-A HWF85BW1 HA AA 61380-A HWF85AW1 HA AA 61360-A HWM85-1479 HA AA 61361-A HWM85-1482 HA AA Compatible with LG Bearing Ball LG WD-1481RD, LG WD13020D1, F14A8FD, F14A8RDS, F14A8TDS, WD10020D, WD11020D, WD11020D1, WD12020D, WD12021D6, WD13020D, WD13020D1, WD14022D6, WD14023D6, WD14024D6, WD1402CRD6, WD14030D, WD14030D6, WD14030FD, WD14030FD6, WD14030RD, WD14030RD6, WD14039D, WD14039D6, WD14130D6, WD14130FD6, WD14130RD6, WD14135D6, WD-14313RD, WD-1457RD, WD-1460FHD, WD-1470FD, WD14750SD, WD14756SD, WD14800RD, WD-1480RD, WD-1481RD, WD-1485RD, WD-1488RD, WD-1610FD, WD-F14427D, KBC D72 D30 H19 WD-1412RD(Version WD-14120RD-AOWREAP)     WD-1457RD(Version WD-14570RD-ATWREAP) WD-1460FHD(Version WD-1460FHD-AOWREAP)     WD-1470FD(Version WD-14220FD-AOWREAP) WD-1480RD(Version WD-14310RD-AOWREAP)     WD-1481RD(Version WD-14313RD-AOWRRAN) WD-1485RD(Version WD-14314RD-AOWREAP)     WD-1488RD(Version WD-14312RD-AOWREAP) WD-1488RD(Version WD-14312RD-AOWRRAN)     WD-1610FD(Version WD-16100FD-AOWREAP) WD10020D(Version F1268QDP-ABWREAP)     WD11020D(Version WD-11390TDK-ABWREAP) WD11020D(Version WD-11391TDK-ABWREAP)     WD12020D(Version F1222TD-ABWREAP) WD12021D6(Version F12B8QD1-ABWREAP)     WD13020D(Version F1322TD-ABWREAP) WD13020D1(Version F1322TD1-ABWREAP)     WD14022D6(Version F1496TD3-ABWREAP) WD14023D6(Version F14A8TD-ABWREAP)     WD14024D6(Version F14A8GD-ABWREAP) WD1402CRD6(Version F1496AD3-ABWREAP)     WD14030D(Version F1403FD-ABWREAP) WD14030D(Version F1403FD3-ABWREAP)     WD14030D(Version F1480FD-ABWREAP) WD14030FD(Version F1403RDS-ABWREAP)     WD14030FD(Version F1403RDS3-ABWREAP) WD14030FD(Version F1480RDS-ABWREAP)     WD14030RD(Version F1403RD-ABWREAP) WD14030RD(Version F1403RD3-ABWREAP)    WD14030RD6(Version F1480RD-ABWREAP) WD14039D(Version F1403FD39-ACRREAP)     WD14039D(Version F1403FD9-ACRREAP) WD14039D(Version F1480FD9-ACRREAP)     WD14039D6(Version F1480FD9-ACRREAP) WD14070D6(Version F1495KD-ABWREAP)    WD14130D6(Version F14A8FD-ABWREAP) WD14130FD6(Version F14A8RDS-ABWREAP)     WD14130RD6(Version F14A8RD-ABWREAP) WD14135D6(Version F14A8FD7-AESREAP)     WD14750SD(Version WD-14440TDS-AOWREA) WD14756SD(Version WD-14446TDS-ABPREAP)     WD14800RD(Version WD-14312RDK-AOWREA) LG WD-1019BD  LG WD11020D1  LG WD1275ND  LG WD13020D  LG WD13020D1  LG WD14022D6  LG WD14024D6  LG WD1402CRD6  LG WD14030D6  LG WD14030FD  LG WD14030FD6  LG WD1409NPE  LG WD1409NPW  LG WD14130D6 , Electrolux Westinghouse EWF1495 Electrolux EWF1083 Electrolux EWF10831 EWF1090 EWF1092 EWF1282 EWF12821 EWF1481 EWF14811 EWF1495 EWN14991W SWF10832
 16800-91460150401 L12820J6-91460170100 L14720-91460164400 L14950A-91460550401 L16810-91460160300 L16810-91460160301 L16810-91460160302 L16810-91460160500 L16810-91460160501 L16810-91460160502 L16810-91460180700 L16810-91460180701 L16820-91460210100 L16820-91460211200 L16820-91460213200 L16820-91460213201 L16825-91460213400 L16830-91460212200 L16830-91460212201 L16850-91460530200 L16950A3-91460551300 L52810-91484190000 L52810-91484190001 L52850-91452540000 L62810-91452511100 L62850-91452550000 L64850-91452553600 L64852L-91490386000 L74550-91490385100 L74665-91452661100 L74665 VERS.WHITE-91452661102 L74810-91452511200 L74850-91452560100 L74900-91452630600 L74900-91452630601 L74920-91452661700 L74950-91452660000 L74950A-91452662500 L74950M-91452663700 L75805-91452511300 L76850-91452560200 L84810-91452520400 L84850-91452570000 L84850-91452570002 L84850M-91452571600 L86850-91452570400 L88810-91452431801 LAV54560-91400266000 LAV62810-91400350500 LAV62810-91400350501 LAV62810-91401624400 LAV72760-91400261600 LAV72760-91400261602 LAV72800-91400310100 LAV74760-91400261500 LAV74800-91400310000 LAV74810-91400350200 LAV74810-91400350201 LAV74810-91401624100 LAV82741-91400256100 LAV84800-91400309900 LAV84810-91400350300 LAV84810-91400350301 LAV84810-91401624200 LAV86741-91400237700 LAVALOGIC1400-91400254900 LAVALOGIC1400-91400261100 LAVALOGIC1400-91400273100 LAVALOGIC1600-91400254800  F12220TD LG-LG F12220TD F12470TD LG-LG F12470TD F12560QD LG-LG F12560QD F12589F-F12589FDS F12700WH LG-LG F12700WH F12710WH LG-LG F12710WH F12721WH LG-LG F12721WH F12952WH LG-LG F12952WH F12B8QDP5 LG-LG F12B8QDP5 F14030RD LG-LG F14030RD F14076TDP LG-LG F14076TDP F14220TD LG-LG F14220TD F14470TD LG-LG F14470TD F14475TD-F14475TD F14475TD LG-LG F14475TD F14560QD LG-LG F14560QD F14710WH+LG-LG+F14710WH F14721WH LG-LG F14721WH F14732WH LG-LG F14732WH F14733WH LG-LG F14733WH F14792DS LG-LG F14792DS F14822WH LG-LG F14822WH F14832DS LG-LG F14832DS F148452WH LG-LG F148452WH F14853WHS LG-LG F14853WHS F1491QDB LG-LG F1491QDB F14931FD LG-LG F14931FD F14932DS LG-LG F14932DS F14952WHS LG-LG F14952WHS F14953-F14953WHS F1496AD1 LG-LG F1496AD1 F14A82WHS LG-LG F14A82WHS F14J62WHS LG-LG F14J62WHS F14J71WHS LG-LG F14J71WHS F14J72WHST LG-LG F14J72WHST F14J82IXS LG-LG F14J82IXS F14J82WHS LG-LG F14J82WHS F14J82WHST LG-LG F14J82WHST F14U2TDH1N LG-LG F14U2TDH1N F14V34WHS-F14V34WHS F14V36WHS-F14V36WHS F14V52IXS-F14V52IXS F14V71WHST-F14V71WHST F14V72ISTA-F14V72ISTA F14V92BS LG-LG F14V92BS F16722WH LG-LG F16722WH F174J82WRH LG-LG F174J82WRH F286G1GWRH LG-LG F286G1GWRH F72511WH LG-LG F72511WH F72515SL LG-LG F72515SL F72650WH LG-LG F72650WH F72680WH LG-LG F72680WH F72681WH LG-LG F72681WH F72684WH LG-LG F72684WH F72695SL LG-LG F72695SL F72700WH LG-LG F72700WH F72731WH LG-LG F72731WH F72735SL LG-LG F72735SL F72791WH LG-LG F72791WH F72890WH LG-LG F72890WH F72891WH LG-LG F72891WH F72892WH LG-LG F72892WH F72J53WH LG-LG F72J53WH F72J54WH LG-LG F72J54WH F72J57ST LG-LG F72J57ST F74461WH LG-LG F74461WH F74480WH LG-LG F74480WH F74481WH LG-LG F74481WH F74552WH LG-LG F74552WH F74680WH LG-LG F74680WH F74710WH LG-LG F74710WH F74721WH LG-LG F74721WH F74771WH LG-LG F74771WH F74791WH LG-LG F74791WH F74795SL LG-LG F74795SL F74820WH LG-LG F74820WH F74865SL LG-LG F74865SL F74882WH LG-LG F74882WH F74890WH LG-LG F74890WH F74891WH LG-LG F74891WH F74892WH LG-LG F74892WH F74932WH LG-LG F74932WH F74935SL LG-LG F74935SL F74G62WHS LG-LG F74G62WHS F74J53WH LG-LG F74J53WH F74J54WH LG-LG F74J54WH F74J57ST LG-LG F74J57ST F74J60SWH LG-LG F74J60SWH F74J60WHW LG-LG F74J60WHW F74J61WH LG-LG F74J61WH F74J68ST LG-LG F74J68ST F82552WH LG-LG F82552WH F82691WH LG-LG F82691WH F82731WH LG-LG F82731WH F82810WH LG-LG F82810WH F82841WH LG-LG F82841WH F82882WH LG-LG F82882WH F82890WH SLG-LG F82890WH F82891WH LG-LG F82891WH F82932WH LG-LG F82932WH F82J54WH LG-LG F82J54WH F84400WHR LG-LG F84400WHR F84492WH LG-LG F84492WH F84552WH LG-LG F84552WH F84710WH LG-LG F84710WH F84731WH LG-LG F84731WH F84790WH LG-LG F84790WH F84802WH LG-LG F84802WH F84810WH LG-LG F84810WH F84841WH LG-LG F84841WH F84872WH LG-LG F84872WH F84882WH LG-LG F84882WH F84890WH LG-LG F84890WH F84902WH LG-LG F84902WH F84912WH-F84912WH F84923WHS LG-LG F84923WHS F84932WH LG-LG F84932WH F84933WHS LG-LG F84933WHS F84935ST LG-LG F84935ST F84C40WHS LG-LG F84C40WHS F84G62WH LG-LG F84G62WH F84J53WH LG-LG F84J53WH F84J54WH LG-LG F84J54WH F84J60WH LG-LG F84J60WH F84J60WHS-F84J60WHS F84J61WH LG-LG F84J61WH F84J62ST LG-LG F84J62ST F84J71WH LG-LG F84J71WH F84J72WHS LG-LG F84J72WHS F84J78ST LG-LG F84J78ST F84M20WH-F84M20WH F84M22WH LG-LG F84M22WH F84N25WH-F84N25WH F84V15STS-F84V15STS F84V34WH-F84V34WH F84V35IX-F84V35IX F84V35IXS-F84V35IXS F84V35WH-F84V35WH F84V40WHS-F84V40WHS F84V42IXS-F84V42IXS F84V51WHA-F84V51WHA F854C40WR LG-LG F854C40WR F854G63WR LG-LG F854G63WR F854J60WR LG-LG F854J60WR F854J61WRS-F854J61WRS F854J71WRH LG-LG F854J71WRH F854M22WR-F854M22WR F854N40WR LG-LG F854N40WR F854N41WRS-F854N41WRS F854N51WHSB LG-LG F854N51WHSB F86452WHR LG-LG F86452WHR F864V36WR-F864V36WR F864V37WR-F864V37WR F864V40WRS-F864V40WRS F92920WH LG-LG F92920WH F92932WH LG-LG F92932WH F92J53WH LG-LG F92J53WH F92N23WH-F92N23WH F94800WH LG-LG F94800WH F94820WH LG-LG F94820WH F94841WH LG-LG F94841WH F94902WH LG-LG F94902WH F94912WH LG-LG F94912WH F94923WHS LG-LG F94923WHS F94932WH LG-LG F94932WH F94933WHS-F94933WHS F94J53WH LG-LG F94J53WH F94J53WHS LG-LG F94J53WHS F94J61WH LG-LG F94J61WH F94J61WHS-F94J61WHS F94J62WH LG-LG F94J62WH F94J72STST LG-LG F94J72STST F94J72WHST LG-LG F94J72WHST F94N23WH LG-LG F94N23WH F94N25WHS LG-LG F94N25WHS F94N40WH-F94N40WH F94N40WHS LG-LG F94N40WHS F94N41WH LG-LG F94N41WH F94N4TWHS LG-LG F94N4TWHS F94V33WH-F94V33WH F94V36WHS-F94V36WHS F94V71WHST LG-LG F94V71WHST F954J60WRS LG-LG F954J60WRS F96400WHR LG-LG F96400WHR F964J72WRH LG-LG F964J72WRH F964V42IXRS-F964V42IXRS F964V51WRSA-F964V51WRSA F964V71WRH LG-LG F964V71WRH FH0C3QD LG-LG FH0C3QD FH2U2VFN3 LG-LG FH2U2VFN3 FH4U2TDNO LG-LG FH4U2TDNO FH4U2VFN3 LG-LG FH4U2VFN3 WD-12270FD LG-LG WD-12270FD WD-14120FD LG-LG WD-14120FD WD-14121FD LG-LG WD-14121FD WD-14124RD LG-LG WD-14124RD WD-14125FD LG-LG WD-14125FD WD-14125RD LG-LG WD-14125RD WD-14126FD LG-LG WD-14126FD WD-14311FD LG-LG WD-14311FD WD-14313FDK LG-LG WD-14313FDK WD-14316FD LG-LG WD-14316FD WD-14318FDK LG-LG WD-14318FDK WD-14331FDK LG-LG WD-14331FDK WD-14340FD LG-LG WD-14340FD WD-14352FD LG-LG WD-14352FD WD-14391TDK LG-LG WD-14391TDK WD-14396TD LG-LG WD-14396TD WD-14396TDK LG-LG WD-14396TDK WD-14401TD LG-LG WD-14401TD WD-14401TDK LG-LG WD-14401TDK WD-14406TD LG-LG WD-14406TD WD-14440FDS LG-LG WD-14440FDS WD-14446FDS LG-LG WD-14446FDS WD-1460FD LG-LG WD-1460FD WD-1465FD LG-LG WD-1465FD WD-1466FD LG-LG WD-1466FD WD-14701TDP LG-LG WD-14701TDP WD-14706TDP LG-LG WD-14706TDP WD-16220FD LG-LG WD-16220FD WD-16391FDK LG-LG WD-16391FDK WD-16392FDK LG-LG WD-16392FDK WD-16396FDK LG-LG WD-16396FDK WD-16401FD LG-LG WD-16401FD WD1461FD LG-LG WD1461FD WF-7706WQD LG-LG WF-7706WQD  AW2147S-91460250301 AW2147S-91460251600 AWF10115-91490000500 AWF10115-91490008300 AWF12115-91490000600 AWF12115-91490008400 AWF12170W-91452241500 AWF12180W-91452241100 AWF12480S-91452254300 AWF12480S-91452254301 AWF12480W-91452251100 AWF12480W-91452251101 AWF12491W-91452350001 AWF1260-91451702400 AWF1273-91452200000 AWF1273-91452200001 AWF13480W-91452251200 AWF13480W-91452251201 AWF1370-91451705800 AWF1370-91452210000 AWF1370S-91451706100 AWF1373-91452210301 AWF1373S-91452210400 AWF14115-91490000700 AWF14115-91490008500 AWF14180W-91452241400 AWF1430-91451703500 AWF14480S-91452252100 AWF14480S-91452252101 AWF14480W-91452251300 AWF14480W-91452251301 AWF1450-91451660500 AWF14580W-91452263900 AWF14591W-91452361500 AWF14591W-91452361501 AWF14591W-91452361502 AWF14591W-91452363100 AWF1460-91451751100 AWF1460-91451751101 AWF1470-91451705900 AWF1470-91452210200 AWF1473-91452210501 AWF16170W-91452148700 AWF1630-91451752900 AWF1650-91451660300 AWF1660-91451751200 AWF1660-91451752500 AWF1670-91451780200 AWF1673-91452230300 AWF16781W-91452262500 AWN12691S-91452760400 AWN12691W-91452760100 AWN1280-91451360200 AWN13691W-91452760200 AWN1475-91451361200 AWN14791W-91452760900 AWN1480-91451360300 AWN14991W-91452770300 AWN14991W-91452770301 AWN1680-91451380100 AWN1680-91451380700 AWW1227-91460310000 AWW12580W-91460430300 AWW12580W-91460430301 AWW1407-91460161300 AWW1407-91460161301 AWW1407-91460161302 AWW1407-91460181100 AWW1407-91460181101 AWW1417-91460163400 AWW1427-91460310100 AWW14581S-91460432000 AWW14581S-91460432002 AWW14581W-91460430400 AWW14581W-91460430401 AWW14581W-91460430402 AWW14791W-91460440700 AWW14791W-91460440701 AWW1507-91460165900 AWW1507-91460167700 AWW1525-91460310300 EWF12287W-91452254600 EWF128410W-91452351600 EWF128420W-91452351100 EWF129442W-91452367600 EWF148540W-91452364300 EWF148543W-91452366100 EWF149542W-91452366000 EWF16589W-91452260300 EWF16589W-91452260302 EWF16780-91452261400 EWF16780-91452261402 EWF16980-91452270700 EWF16980W-91452270400 EWN12791W-91452760600 EWN12791W-91452760601 EWW148540W-91460442400 EWW148540W-91460442401 EWW148540W-91460443100 EWW168543W-91460443800

WH1060S1 FP

We highly recommend that you remove the faulty part and conduct a thorough comparison with the model number, photo, and dimensions provided above. If your model number is not listed, the part you have differs from the photo provided, or you are uncertain, kindly send your inquiry via email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz. We will respond promptly and provide you with the appropriate part.

Please note that selecting the wrong part is possible, but it may incur a 20% restocking fee imposed by the supplier, which will be passed on to you.

h0020600157 6306,  4280FR4048L 6306, MAP61913708, 4280EN4001C, 5423307-20/5 5423307205 1246200008, 1327048201, 50221625002, 5423307205, 5433307203, 56454240872, 58683140006, 8996454240871, 8996454261729, 8998683140005.   



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