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Smeg Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel SNZ442S, SNZ451, DWF44SS, PL4190,

Smeg Dishwasher Lower Basket Wheel SNZ442S, SNZ451, DWF44SS, PL4190,
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Wheel diameter 40mm, thickness - 7.2mm, total length including axle - 25mm, hole size - 5mm.

may come in grey 

lower basket wheel roller 4140, AMB3336P, APC12P, ELV12, GM225-120, GM225-160, HLD312EBS, HLD312S, HPL312EBS, DWF44SS, PL4190. HPL312S, K212, K212C, K212I, KD212, KD212EB, KD212HB, L212, L212C, L212I, L312T, L312TEB, LD212, LD212EB, LD212SP, LD312EBSP, LD312TSP, LS91, LS92, LV124, LV132, LV132RB, LV262, LV262RB, MKIII, PKE312, PKE312EB, PL312EBSA, PL312EBSP, PL312SA, PL312SP, PL512A, PL512A/1, PL512AW, PL512AW/1, PLE312, PLE312EB, PLE312SP, WH724, WH725, WWAMERICA, 1LE452IT, 1LF452, 1LF453I, 1LF453IN, 1LF453IT, 1LF453IX, 1LF453P, 1LF453PN, 1LF453X, 1LF455IT, 1VD450P, 1VE451P, 1VE451P/1, 1VF451, 1VF453I, 1VF453IN, 1VF453IT, 1VF453P, 1VF453PN, 1VF453X, 1VFE451, 1VFE453, 1VFP453I, 1VFU453IT, 2VE451P, 4045.3, 45-2, 45.1, 451, 454L, 45P, 7802P, 7802W, 7803P, 7803W, 7804, 7807P, 7807W, 7808P, 7808W, 845, 953F, 953L, A145B, A145B.1, A345BA, A445BA, A445BA.1, A445NA, A445NA.1, A445XA, A445XA.1, A451B, A4530BA, A4530BA-1, A454BA, A454NA, A74, A74UK, A76, A76/1, A76/1UK, A76/2, A76AUS, A76UK, AD931/2AV, AD931/2IN, AD931/2NB, ADB745/IG, ADG150/1BR, ADG150/1IN, ADG150/1SW, ADG150/1WS, ADG150/2, ADG150/2BR, ADG150/2IN, ADG150/2SW, ADG150/3AV, ADG150/3IN, ADG150/3SW, ADG150/3WS, ADG151/1, ADG151/2, ADG151/3, ADG450-3, ADG4500IX, ADG4500NB, ADG4500WH, ADG4550IX, ADG4550NB, ADG4550WH, ADG637IX, ADG637WH, ADG657IX, ADG658IX, ADG689IX, ADG7500WH, ADG758, ADG759, ADG923, ADG923., ADG923UK, ADG923WH, ADG931/1IN, ADG940, ADG951NB, ADG951WH, ADG954, ADG954/1, ADG954/2, ADG954/3, ADG9542EU, ADG9542UK, ADL745/2, ADP537EE, ADP537IT, ADP537PN, ADP557WH, ADP558/1WH, ADP558WH, ADP588WH, ADP589WH, ADP8902, ADP8912, ADP940WH, ADW645FI, AKV945-2, AKVA45, AKVA45.1, AP45, AS320, BDE7045, BDW045, BDW6020, BL952, BLV45, BS4004, C450P, C451P, C452, C453, C454, C456, C457, CSD45/1, CSD45UK, CW445, D451, D452, D455, D455UK, D459UK, D45S, D45S.1, DC21P, DC21W, DC22P, DC22W, DFI45, DFI45UK, DGS45W, DI45, DI45.1, DI450, DI450.1, DI451, DI451.1, DI452, DI453, DIL45, DTA45, DW1908E, DW410IA3A, DW410ST3A, DW450E, DW450E-1, DW451ST, DW645FI, DW645S, DWD44BL, DWD44BL.1, DWD44WH, DWD44WH.1, DWF403, DWF403/3W, DWF403W, DWF403WGB, DWF407W, DWF413, DWF417W, DWF41WH, DWF443W, DWF447W, DWF44SS, DWF44WH, DWI45, DWI45.1, DWM454, DWS38L, DWT45, E45LS, EGS345B, EGS345W, FD450, FD450/1, FDF450, FDF450/1, FM45-1FI, GCF4752, GCF4772/2, GCI4733/2W-BR, GCIE6524AL, GCIE6524BR, GCIE6524IN, GCIE6524SW, GCIE6524WS, GCIE6584-IN, GCIE6584AL, GCIE6584BR, GCIE6584SW, GCIE6584WS, GCIK6421/IN, GCIK6421/WS, GCIK6421IN, GCIK6421WS, GCX3452, GCX3452/2, GCX3452/3, GCX5521, GCX5581, GCX5582, GCX5582/1, GCX5582/2, GCXK5521, GCXK5521E, GD4524B01, GD4524W00, GD4524W01, GD4548B01, GES4544W, GES4544W1, GES4564, GES4564N, GFH5030WX, GI4524B01, GI4524S01, GI4524W01, GI4534B01, GI4548B01, GI4548E01, GI4548S01, GI4548W01, GI51020E, GI51020W, GI540B, GI540W, GLS45, GLTA45, GM325-145, GS326-444, GS329-42B, GS329-42E, GS329-42S, GS329-42W, GS329-54, GS45, GS4503IB, GS4503IB1, GS4503IS1, GS4503IW, GS4503IW1, GS45S, GS5110W, 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NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online and select PICK UP on check out, when part is ready we will call you .

ast697410204, 697410205, 697410043, 697410204, 697410043, 767410044, 92977412, 

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