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Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheel PACK OF 2 DWA147X, DWA314D, DWAU157XT, PL663X, SA623X, SA4510X-1, SA-8210X-1, SA8210X-7, SA82

Smeg Dishwasher Upper Basket Wheel PACK OF 2 DWA147X, DWA314D, DWAU157XT, PL663X, SA623X, SA4510X-1, SA-8210X-1, SA8210X-7, SA82
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Fits some Smeg dishwasher models for the top basket including models DWA147X, DWA314D, DWAU157XT, PL663X, SA623X, SA4510X-1, SA-8210X-1, SA8210X-7, SA8211X-1.

Wheel diameter 27.3mm, thickness - 5.8mm, total length including axle - 26mm.

upper basket wheel 653ELCN, A-DW745FI1, ADG3500-1, ADG5500-1, ADG6582IX, ADG799, ADGR3700, ADW745FI1, ADW759FI3, ADX550, AP410, API6, B6M1FIGB, B6M1FIWDE, B6V1FIGB, B6V1FIWDE, BDW4610X, BFID469X, BLV2AZK, BLV2PK, BLV2RK, BLV2ROK, BSID4610X, BVW962, CA129B, CA12S, CSE68X7, D452I, D453, D453I, D4B, D4SS, D4W, DB410540, DB612540, DC122B-1, DC122B, DC122SS-1, DC122SS, DC122W-1, DC122W, DC134LB, DC134LSS, DC134LW, DC146LB, DC146LSS, DC146LW, DD410W1, DD612S7, DD612SC, DD612WC, DDC6-1, DDC6, DF13SS, DF14SS, DF41-7, DF410BL1, DF410S1, DF410SDX7, DF410SF7, DF410W1, DF4SS, DF612BL, DF612FAS, DF612SI, DF612WE, DF613SDX, DF6FABKAZ, DF6FABKP, DF6FABKR, DF6FABKRO, DF6FABNE2, DF6FABP2, DF6FABR2, DFC410BK, DFC612BK, DFC612S, DFC612S9, DFD6121W, DFD6133BL, DFD6133X, DFSN45, DI112-1, DI112, DI4, DI410C, DI4SS, DI6012-1, DI6012, DI6013-1, DI6013D-1, DI6013D, DI6013NH-1, DI6014, DI612A1, DI612C, DI612CA1, DI612DA9, DI612M, DI612SD, DI6FABNE2, DI6FABP2, DI6FABR2, DI6MAX-1, DI6SS-1, DI6SS, DIC4-1, DIC4, DIC4K, DIC6-1, DIC6, DISD12, DVY1010B, DVY1010J, DVY1010W, DVY1010X, DW-220, DW-320, DW-351, DW-6060-FI, DW18PCFI, DW54SSA, DW759FI4, DW760FIIL, DW760SA, DW760SIL, DW780FIIL, DW855S3, DW855SC, DW859FI, DW859FI1, DW859FICE, DW859FICE1, DW882FI, DW955L, DW955S, DW955S1, DWA147W, DWA147X, DWA157B, DWA157W, DWA157X, DWA3148S, DWA3148W, DWA314SD, DWA314W, DWA314WD, DWA314X, DWA315B, DWA315W, DWA315X, DWA60FI-1, DWA60FI-2, DWA60FI-3, DWA60FI-4, DWAFI152T, DWAFI314, DWAFI315T, DWAFIP364, DWAI152XT, DWAI314X, DWAI315XT, DWAU149XN, DWAU157XT, DWAU314X, DWAU314X1, DWAU315X1, DWAU315XT, DWAUP364X, DWB45FI-1, DWB45FI-2, DWB45FI-3, DWB45FI-4, DWC45SI-1, DWC45SI-2, DWC45SI-3, DWC45SI-4, DWD60SI-1, DWD60SI-2, DWD60SI-3, DWD60SI-4, DWFDW410DT3A, DWFDW612HL3A, DWFDWS55MS, DWI456FI, DWTPC10FI, DWTPC10SS, DWTPC5SS, DX610S-L, DX610S, DX610S, DX630S-, DX630S-L, DX630S, DX645S-L, DX645S, DX645S1, ECBDW-FI714, ECBDW-SI714, ECFSDW-7125W, F-501X, F45078I-M, F502X, F65478VIS, FAPBDW-SI714, FDW1260S, FDW1260W, FDW410DH3A, FDW410DT3A, FDW612-1EHL5PA+, FDW612EHLA, FDW612HL3A, FDW6143B3A, FDW614DHEA, FDW614DTS3BA, FDWS55MS, FILO-1310, GCIK65411, GDI640X, GDV530X, GDV600X, GDV640XL, GDV660X, GE55521, GI53221W, GI53221X, GI53225X, GI54321W, GI54321X, GI61124W, GI61124X, GI61224W-, GI61224W, GI61224X-, GI61224X, GI62221B, GI62221W, GI62221X, GI62224W, GI62224X-, GI62224X, GI64222AA, GI64222AX, GI64321W, GI64321X, GLI610, GMX5010SD, GMXI5010SD, GS53324W, GS62224W, GS62224WSA-, GS62224WSA, GS62224X, GS65324W-OLD, GS65324W, GS65324X, GSI450, GSV4053E, GSV4054E, GU61224W-, GU61224W, GU61224X-, GU61224X, GV51125, GV52225, GV52325, GV53223, GV53223TW, GV53223X, GV53321, GV61124-, GV61124-1, GV61124, GV61124AU, GV61124SA-, GV61224-, GV61224, GV62224-, GV62224, GV62321, GV62321V, GV62321X, GV63222, GV63222UK, GV63223, GV65324XV-, GV65324XV, IDW155-60, IG4407-0GE, IG6504.0GE, IGS6908-0GE, IGS6908-1GE, IGV4408-2, IGV6504-2, IGV6608-2, IGV6608-3, IGVS6504.2, IGVS6508.2, IGVS6508.3, IGVS6608.2, IGVS6608.3, JLDWS907, KGI524X, KGI624X, KLS1256S, KM61XI, KR113X, KVI524, KVI624, LI4500, LP364X, LP364XS, LP364XT, LP7790A, LP7790IL, LP7890IL, LP8790T, LPES3XL60HZ, LS12N, LS12X, LS6148BH9, LSA12XD9, LSA4551G, LSA4745B, LSA4745X, LSA4845B, LSA4845G, LSA4845X, LSA6145N, LSA6149B, LSA6245B, LSA6245G, LSA6245N, LSA6245X, LSA6246B, LSA6246G, LSA6246X, LSA6248B, LSA6248G, LSA624G, LSA642G-2, LSA642G, LSA6448B, LSA6448B2, LSA6448G, LSA6448G2, LSA649WSA, LSA6539X, LSA6544B, LSA6544X, LSA6544X2, LSA6544X3, LSA6545B, LSA655X, LSAP6245X, LSAP6448B, LSAP6448X, LSAP6449G, LSAP8650X, LSFI60-BE, LSIS45-BE, LSIS60-BE, LSIS60/01-BE, LSP328X, LSP6448X2, LST4550I, LST6049I, LV22SS, LV22W, LVF647B9, LVF649B, LVF650B, LVS1247X9, LVS1249X9, LVS1251N, LVS129B, LVS129S, LVS145B, LVS145FX, LVS145SX, LVS147SX, LVS319B, LVS319BI, LVS319S, LVS337SX, LVS375SX, LVS4107X, LVS4109B, LVS60ELMN, LVS65SSA, LVS65WSA, LVSMW129B, LVSU129B, MFD10S-1, MFD10S, MFD10W, MGI6101, MIDW12-1, MIDW12, MSH532, NP-B6M1FIDE, NP-B6V1FIDE, ODI4210S, ODI4210W, ODW204X, PANBDW-FI714, PANBDW-SI714, PGV4501, PGV6101, PGVS6101, PL1107X7, PL113EB, PL113NE, PL113X, PL115NE, PL115X, PL313EB, PL313NE, PL313X, PL338NE, PL338X, PL4107NE1, PL4107X, PL4648XD7, PL521B, PL521N, PL521X, PL531X, PL6248XD9, PL6448XD, PL6448XD2, PL647GSA, PL6545XD, PL8210X-1, PL8210X-2, PLA4648XD7, PLA4745B, PLA4745N, PLA4745X, PLA6147G, PLA6245B, PLA6245N, PLA6245X, PLA6246B, PLA6246N, PLA6246X, PLA6348B, PLA6348N, PLA6348X, PLA6348XD, PLA6448B, PLA6448B2, PLA6448N, PLA6448N2, PLA6448X, PLA6448X2, PLA6539X, PLTW630, PLTW640X7, QUADRA-1310, SA144D, SA4510X, SA4510X1, SA8210BI, SA8210W-1, SA8210X-1, SA8211X-2, SA8211X, SA8211XWS, SOFT-1310, ST112-9, ST113-2, ST113S-9, ST114S-9, ST114S, ST115S, ST116S, ST119-2, ST146, ST147, ST147AT, ST212-9, ST214-9, ST214, ST313, ST314, ST321-1, ST321, ST322, ST331L, ST332L, ST337, ST338, ST338L, ST339, ST339L, ST4106, ST4107, ST5, ST512, ST513-2, ST513, ST514, ST515, ST521, ST522, ST531, ST537, ST6013-2, ST6013, ST647SA, ST648SA, ST649, ST649T, ST721, ST731, ST732L, ST733TL, ST864S, ST8650, ST8650X, ST867-2, ST867-3, ST867, STA12XPQ, STA445, STA4501, STA4502, STA4648A, STA4745, STA4845, STA4846, STA6043, STA6051, STA6245, STA6246, STA6247D9, STA6248-9, STA6248, STA6248D, STA6249-9, STA6249, STA6249NL, STA6447-2, STA6447, STA6447NL, STA6448-2, STA6448, STA6448D, STA6448D2, STA646D2, STA646DD, STA647NL2, STA6539, STA6539L, STA6539L2, STA6544, STA6544L, STA6544L2, STA6544L3, STA6544TC, STA654DD, STA8639L, STA8639L3, STE521, STL827A, STL827B, STM532, STMW10-9, STMW26-9, STP364, STP364S, STP364T, STX3C, STX3CL, STX645, STX660, TDW1260S, TDW1260W, TDW12S, TDW12W, TPLA6448XB, TPLA6448XS, TRW1260W, TURDIBI60, V45IT, VW80IN, WC460IN, WT112-9, WT114-9, WT213, WT214


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