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Westinghouse and Simpson upper basket wheels DX300, DX400, DX500, global300, GLOBAL 27. C828103XK. GLOBAL 500, **8103XK

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Simpson Dishwasher parts, Westinghouse Dishwasher Parts, WHIRLPOOL DISHWASHER PARTS, Electrolux Dishwasher Parts, Dishwasher upper basket wheels ,


Including Supreme
Packet of 4 Wheel Assemblies which Clip onto 
the Upper Basket in Vulcan Global

Dishwasher Models.

Wheel diameter - 25mm, width - 13mm, Total Length of Wheel 
& Axle - 24mm, Hole diameter - 5mm.

UPPER BASKET WHEEL ROLLER 8903WW DX500IWW 8904WW DX300IWW DX300IBK DX300ISB DX500IBK DX500ISB DX500FWW DX300FWW DX300FBK DX300FBS 8945WW DX500FBK DX500FBS 8905WW 8907WW 8945BK 8947BK 8947WW 8948BK 8948WW 8965BK 8965SB 8965WW DX450IWW DX450IBK DX450ISB 8985BK 8985SB 8985WW 8987BK 8987SB 8987WW 8988BK 8988WW DX450FWW DX450FBK 8967BK 8967SB 8967WW 8968BK DX300KA*03 DX310SA*01 8968WW DX100KA*00 DX100SA*00 DX150WA*00 DX300KA*00 DX300WA*00 DX300SA*00 DX100KA*01 DX100WA*00 DX450KA*00 DX450IKA*00 DX450SA*00 DX450WA*00 DX500IKA*00 DX100KA*02 DX100SA*01 DX100SA*02 DX100WA*01 DX100WA*02 K100WA*00 DX450IWA*00 K100WA*01 K100WA*02 MONACO MILANO MANHATTAN DX300KA*01 DX300SA*01 DX300WA*01 DX450KA*01 DX450IKA*01 DX450SA*01 DX450WA*01 DX500KA*02 DX450IWA*01 DX300KA*02 DX300SA*02 DX450KA*02 DX450IKA*02 DX450SA*02 DX500IKA*02 DX500SA*02 DX500WA*02 DX300WA*02 DX100KA*03 DX100SA*03 DX100WA*03 K100WA*03 DX450WA*02 DX450IWA*02 DX500IWA*02 DX500KA*00 DX500SA*00 DX500WA*00 DX500IWA*00 DX150FWW*A DX150MWW*A DX150IWW*A 8915BK 8915WW 8917BK 8917WW 8931WW 8932WW 8933WW 8913BK 8913WW 8914BK 8951WW 8952WW 8914SB 8953WW 8914WW 8916WW DX460SA*00 DX500KA*01 DX500IKA*01 DX500SA*01 DX500WA*01 DX500IWA*01 8955WW 8956WW 8957WW DX200FBK DX200IWW DX200FWW DX200IBK DX510SA*00 SB947AH*00 DX150WA*01 K150WA*00 K150WA*01 DXCLRIWW*A DXCLRISB*A DXCLRFWW*A DX100FBK*A DX100FBS*A DX100FWW*A DX100IWW*A 8935WW 8937WW DX150WA*02 K150WA*02 DX300WA*03 DX310SA*00, 




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