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Fisher & Paykel, Haier, Elba, Dishwasher Bearing lower Spray Arm Nut Dw60 HDW9 HDW12 DW12 HDW20 HDW101 ***201006

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Suits DW60CSW1, DW60CSW2, DW60CDW1, edw125wh, dw60crw1, DW60CDW2, DW60CSX1, DW60CSX2 models most Dishwasher Dw60 imported 
DW60FC1W1 FP AA 81637-A DW60FC1X1 FP AA 81636-A DW60FC2W1 FP AA 81635-A DW60FC2X1 FP AA 81634-A DW60FC4W1 FP AA 81633-A DW60FC4X1 FP AA 81632-A DW60FC6W1 FP AA 81631-A DW60CDX2, DW60CDX3,DW60FC6X1 FP AA 81630-A DW60FC4W1 FP AA 81125-A DW60FC4X1 FP AA 81126-A DW60FC6W1 FP AA 81127-A DW60FC6X1 FP AA 81128-A DW60FC1W1 FP AA 81129-A DW60FC1X1 FP AA 81130-A DW60FC2W1 FP AA 81123-A DW60FC2X1 FP AA 81124-A dw60fex1,  DW60CKW1 FP AA 80918-A DW60CKX1 FP AA 80919-A DW60CHPW1 FP AA 80916-A DW60CHPX1 FP AA 80917-A DW60CHW1 FP AA 80914-A DW60CHX1 FP AA 80915-A HDW14G2W HA AA 61592-A HDW14G2X HA AA 61589-A HDW13G1W HA AA 61591-A HDW13G1X HA AA 61590-A hdw153g3 hdw153g3 HDW15V2S1 HA AA 61600-A HDW15V2W1 HA AA 61599-A HDW15V3W1 HA AA 61601-A HDW15V3X1 HA AA 61602-A,
DW60CSW1, DW60CSW2, DW60CDW1, DW60CDW2, DW60CSX1, DW60CSX2, dw60cdx1, edw125wh1, edw125x1, HDW12-TFE3SS,  HDW12-TFE3WH,  HDW12-SFE3WH,  HDW12-SFE3SS,  DW60CEX1,  DW60CCW1, DW60CCX1, DW60CEW1, DW60CDW3, DW60CDX3, 80754, 80426-A
Bottom spray arm used in some F&P and Haier dishwashers. Suits DW60CSW1, DW60CSW2, DW60CDW1, DW60CDW2, DW60CSX1, DW60CSX2 models.


We highly recommend that you remove the faulty part and conduct a thorough comparison with the model number, photo, and dimensions provided above. If your model number is not listed, the part you have differs from the photo provided, or you are uncertain, kindly send your inquiry via email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz. We will respond as soon as possible and give you the right part you need.


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H0120201006, 791101


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