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Samsung and LG Washing machine Carbon brushes For Motor 1415, B1215, B1245, C835, P1235, P1405J, J1025, J1045, J1045AV, J1055, J

Samsung and LG Washing machine Carbon brushes For Motor 1415, B1215, B1245, C835, P1235, P1405J, J1025, J1045, J1045AV, J1055, J
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  • Color of the holder black or Red 

Brushes J1415, B1215, B1245, C835, P1235, P1405J, J1025, J1045, J1045AV, J1055, J1255, J1455, J843, J843iW-XSA, J845, J845iW-XSA, J1255AV, J1455AVIW, P843, P1023 , WF7700N6W/XSA, WF7700N6W1/XSA, WF7704S8V/XSA, B1085A, WF8600NHW, WF7708N6W/XSA, WF7700N6W/XSA, WF0754W7V1, WF0854W8E1, WF756UMSAWQ, B1045, B1045AV, B1245, B1245AV,WF7700N6W, WF7700N6W/XSA, WF8750LSW, WF8802RPF, WF8802RSW, WF9854RWE, J1045AV, J1055AV, J1255AV, J1455AV, WF7700N6W, WF7704S8V, WF7708N6W, WF1752WPC, WF1752WPW, WF1804WPC, WF1104XAC, WF7700N6W/XSA, WF0754W7V1 WF0854W8E1 WF756UMSAWQ B1045 B1045AV B1245 , 54s5009-02-08l, B1245AVWF7700N6W, WF8702RSW, WF8750LSW, WF8802RPF, WF8802RSW, WF9854RWE,
WF7700N6W/XSA WF8750LSW WF8802RPF WF8802RSW WF9854RWE J1045AV J1055AV J1255AV J1455AV
WF7700N6W WF7704S8V WF7708N6W WF1752WPC WF1752WPW WF1804WPC, WF7708N6W1/XSA And Many More Model , 


How To Repair 3e error code on samsung washing machine 

Fault code or Error code List on Samsung Washing Machine E1, 4E, E2, 5E, DE, E7, eb, be, He1, CE, He2, T5, T6, Ec, Tc, E4, Ue, 3e, Le, 

Washing machine carbon brushes transfer electricity to the armature of the motor.  The armature will then spin and the drum will turn via the drive belt.  Washing machine carbon brushes are spring loaded in order that they are always touching the motor armature.  Once they are worn to the point where contact is no longer possible the washing machine motor will not turn.
Of course there are other components including electronics that are also responsible for motor rotation but worn carbon brushes are one of the most common reason for your washing machine drum to stop turning and spinning.
If your brushes are worn or damaged when you come to use your washing machine it will fill up with water, appear to sit idle for the duration of the wash and spin cycle (because the drum won't turn), and then drain out the water, and when you open the door of the machine to remove your clothes they will still be soaking wet!

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We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. selecting wrong part and return is possible but there will be %20 restocking fee involve which supplier is charging us.

C00196539-00273898 , 64S5020-03-09 ,  64S5020-03-10, UML5202.01, 64s5020-06-03, 64s5020-06-07, 

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