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Whirlpool Dishwasher Cutlery basket ADP2956IX, VERSION 8542566053969 VERSION 854266053959 6ADP6600WH, ADP6515IX AND WH, ADP6600I

Whirlpool Dishwasher Cutlery basket ADP2956IX, VERSION 8542566053969 VERSION 854266053959 6ADP6600WH, ADP6515IX AND WH, ADP6600I
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eta end of 09/20
  • Cutlery basket ADP2956IX, VERSION 8542566053969 VERSION 854266053959 6ADP6600WH, ADP6515IX AND WH, ADP6600IX AND WH, ADP8966, ADP6940WHM, ADP5550, ADP6515, ADG7554, ADG7340, ADG7440, G2PDWI/1WH, ADG3962IX, ADG4952M, ADG6340AV, ADG6340IX, ADG6340WH, ADG6552IX, ADG6552WH, ADG6560IX, ADG6560WH, ADG6962IX, ADG7340, ADG7440, ADG7540, ADG7540/1, ADG7550, ADG7952, ADG7960, ADP2556WHM, ADP2652WH, ADP2756WHM, ADP2962WH, ADP2966WHM, ADP4400WH, ADP4500WH, ADP4501WH, ADP4502AL, ADP4504WH, ADP4544WH, ADP4601WH, ADP4602AL, ADP5440AL, ADP5440WH, ADP5540/1AL, ADP5540/1WH, ADP5540AL, ADP5540GR, ADP5540WH, ADP5740WH, ADP5756PLM, ADP5962WH, ADP5966WHM, ADP8332, ADP129F-GB, ADP129FEKX, ADP129FWH-GB, ADP136/7WH, ADP136W, ADP139F, ADP236W, ADP239F, ADP239FWH, ADP246/7WH, ADP246W-GB, ADP256W, ADP259F, ADP259FEKX, ADP259FWH, ADP259FWHX, ADP259FX, ADP266DW, ADP266DWX, ADP266W, ADP276/DWX, ADP276DW, ADP279F, ADP279FKX, ADP279FWH, ADP279FWHX, ADP279FWX, DW621/2BR-GB, DW621/2WH-GB, ADP246AL, ADG624/1, ADG664/1D, ADG664/1DW-, ADG666/1DBX, ADG668/1DWX, ADP136WH, ADP142FK, ADP142FWH, ADP239AV, ADP239WH, DW621/2BR, DW621/2WH, ADG636DX, ADG664/1DW, ADG684/1FEK, ADG684/1FK, ADG684/3FG, ADG684/3FW, ADP129AV, ADP129NB, ADP129WH, ADP131WT, ADP132AV, ADP132IX, ADP132NB, ADP132WT, ADP143WT, ADP239AV, ADP239IXX, ADP239WH-GB, ADP246AL, ADP246WH, ADP256WT, ADP259AV, ADP259IXX, ADP259NBX, ADP259WH, ADP266WT, ADP279AV, ADP279IXX, ADP279WH, ADP429AV-GB, ADP429WH-GB, ADP432AV, ADP432NB, ADP432WH, ADP436WH, ADP442AV, ADP442NB, ADP442WH, ADP443WT, ADP445/1/WT/I, ADP536WT, ADP539AV-GB, ADP539AVX, ADP539NBX, ADP539WH-GB, ADP539WHX, ADP546AL, ADP546WH, ADP556/1WTX, ADP556WT, ADP559AV-GB, ADP559AVX, ADP559NBX, ADP559WH-GB, ADP559WHX, ADP566/1WT, ADP566WT, ADP566WTX, ADP576WTX, ADP579AV-GB, ADP579NBX, ADP579WH-GB, ADP579WHX, BDW850/BR, BDW850/WH, ADG622/1/W, ADG622/1W, ADG623W, ADG626/1/DW, ADG636DW, ADG642/1W, ADG647DW, ADG660/1, ADG660/1W, ADG660WS-GB, ADG666/1D, ADG666DW, ADG680/1F, ADG680/1FW, ADG684/1F, ADG684/1FW, ADG684FK, DW621/1B/F, DW621/1W/F, DW621B/F, DW621W/F, DW721/1, DW721/1/W, DW721/1WGSI, ADG610/1, ADG623, ADG635W, ADG647DX, ADG680/3F, ADG680/3F-G, ADG680/3FWG, ADG682/1F, ADG682/2F, ADG682/3F, ADG684/2F, ADG684/2FEKX, ADG684/3FX, ADG686/1FX, ADG688/1FKX, ADG688/3F-G, ADG688/3FKX, ADG688/3FWG, ADG668/1DW, ADG720/2AV, ADG720/2WH, ADG710AV/2, ADG710WH/2, ADG720/2AV, ADG720/2WH, ADG720AV, ADG720AV/1, ADG720AV/2, ADG720WH, ADG720WH/1, ADG720WH/2, ADG734/2AV, ADG734/2WH, ADG734AV/1, ADG734AV/2, ADG734WH/1, ADG734WH/2, ADP731WH, ADP731WH/1, ADP731WH/2, ADP744/2WH, ADP744WH, ADP746WH, ADP755/2WH, ADP755WH, 
  • Please note that the original basket has been discontinued by Whirlpool and is now replaced with one of a different design. The split one in the images is the new version that Whirlpool now supply.

  • 790154-500x500
  • Screen Shot 2020-01-13 at 7

Size and Dimension of new Basket

Universal cutlery basket 2 in 1 modular
• Height including handle: 200 mm
• Height without handle: 125 mm
• Width: 220 mm
• Depth individually: 90 mm / together: 164 mm
• Color: gray
• Material: plastic



NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online and select PICK UP on check out, when part is ready we will call you .

484000008561, 790154, 481231038897, 481931039859, WPL481931039859, MFI481931039859, WPL481231038897, 5031680378269, 68-UN-14, WHP481231038897, 5045712, 484000008561

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