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Electrolux Aeg Zanussi washing machine and Dishwasher Drain pump PLASET universal Askoll,

Electrolux Aeg Zanussi washing machine and Dishwasher Drain pump PLASET universal Askoll,
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Low cost compatible drain pump will fit to a massive range of washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers

This small magnetic drain pump will fit to a massive range of washing machines, washer dryers and dishwashers in fact, it fits too many to even think about offering a listing of models. However, if you are not sure if this drain pump is suitable or not for your appliance please contact us and we will assist you as, if you can use this drain pump, you can save a substantial amount of money.

Magnetic style electric pump to suit some late model front loading washing machines and dishwasher Suits many LG, Asko, Philips, Whirlpool, NEC, Samsung, Daewoo, fisher paykel an many more make.
And others where the motor body attaches to the cover by screws from the rear of the pump. 5 mounting holes.

6.4mm spade terminals located at the back of the pump in a small receptacle. 220-240VAC, 

Replacement for following part

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10

This will fit on following Models as many more which not listed yet, BEST is go with Photo

Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10Screen Shot 2018-02-04 at 10

Hold Command and F and print your model number to find it in following list 
Drain Pump 605109902 LAV2200I-D AEG 913207021 EWT1225 ELECTROLUX 913206491 ZWR160 ZANUSSI
605109903 LAV2200 I-W AEG 913207031 EWT1025 ELECTROLUX 913206501 ZWR270 ZANUSSI
605423055 LAV1480 AEG 913727641 EW1220T ELECTROLUX 913206511 ZWA380 ZANUSSI
605423155 LAV1480 10A AEG 913727651 EW820T ELECTROLUX 913206521 ZWA385 ZANUSSI
605423255 LAV1270 AEG 913727661 EW1236T ELECTROLUX 913206531 ZWA390 ZANUSSI
605423355 LAV1270 10A AEG 913727671 EW1020T ELECTROLUX 913206541 ZWA3110 ZANUSSI
605423555 LAV1260-10 AEG 913727691 EW526T ELECTROLUX 913206561 ZWR165 ZANUSSI
605423901 LAV1480 AEG 913727701 EW626T ELECTROLUX 913206571 ZWR275 ZANUSSI
605423902 LAV1480 AEG 913727711 EW826T ELECTROLUX 913206581 ZWA3100 ZANUSSI
605423903 LAV1480 AEG 913727721 EW1330T ELECTROLUX 913206591 ZWA3120 ZANUSSI
605423904 LAV1485 AEG 913727731 EW1235T ELECTROLUX 913206621 ZWT260 ZANUSSI
605423905 LAV1270 AEG 913727751 EW1021T ELECTROLUX 913206711 ZWA5130 ZANUSSI
605423906 LAV1260 AEG 913727861 EW523T2 ELECTROLUX 913206731 TE1065V ZANUSSI
605423907 LAV1260 AEG 913727871 EW635T ELECTROLUX 913206741 TE1265V ZANUSSI
605423908 LAV1260 AEG 913727881 EW935T ELECTROLUX 913206751 ZWT3120 ZANUSSI
605423909 LAV1370 AEG 913728011 EW524T1 ELECTROLUX 913206981 ZWT385 ZANUSSI
913200141 EUROLINE T AEG 913728012 EW524T2 ELECTROLUX 913206991 ZWT3105 ZANUSSI
913200151 LAV41280 AEG 913728021 EW924T1 ELECTROLUX 913207001 ZWT3125 ZANUSSI
913200231 LAV41380 AEG 913728131 EW1110T ELECTROLUX 913207011 ZWT5105 ZANUSSI
913200232 LAV41380 AEG 913728141 EW910T ELECTROLUX 913727321 TL993V ZANUSSI
913200241 LAV41180 AEG 913728231 EW513T ELECTROLUX 913727331 TL885V ZANUSSI
913200242 LAV41180 AEG 913728241 EW713T1 ELECTROLUX 913727341 TL884 ZANUSSI
913200251 LAV40980 AEG 913728251 EW866T ELECTROLUX 913727351 TL682 ZANUSSI
913200252 LAV40980 AEG 913728261 EW1066T ELECTROLUX 913727361 TL603 ZANUSSI
913200301 LAV40870 AEG 913728341 EW821T ELECTROLUX 913727371 TL422 ZANUSSI
913200302 LAV40870 AEG 913729231 EW810T ELECTROLUX 913728051 TL1084C ZANUSSI
913200461 LAV41070 AEG 913729241 EW1100T ELECTROLUX 913728061 TL984C ZANUSSI
913200501 LAV41380 AEG 913729481 EW924T2 ELECTROLUX 913728071 TL890 ZANUSSI
913200631 LAV41380 AEG 913729621 EW1076T ELECTROLUX 913728101 TL884C ZANUSSI
913200641 LAV41270 AEG 913729631 EW976T ELECTROLUX 913728121 TL583C ZANUSSI
913200651 LAV41020 AEG 913729691 EW910T1 ELECTROLUX 913728311 TL1084C1 ZANUSSI
913200661 LAV40920 AEG 913729751 EW1026T ELECTROLUX 913728421 TL493 ZANUSSI

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