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Fisher & Paykel Washing Machine Drain Pump

$95.00 + FREIGHT & GST

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Washing Machine Drain Pump, Fisher&Paykel Washing Machine Parts, Elba Washing Machine Parts


WA7060E1 (92217-A),
WA8060E1 (92168-A),
WA8060G1 (92176-A),
WA8060P1 (92147-A),
WA7060G1 (92224-A),
WA7560E1 (92235-A),
WA7560E1 (92244-A),
WA7560E1 (92262-A),
WA8560E1 (92233-A),
WA8560E1 (92245-A),
WA8560E1 (93261-A),
WA8560G1 (92246-A),
WA8560G1 (92263-A),
WA8560G1 (93232-A),
WA8560P1 (92232-A),
WA8560P1 (92247-A),
WA8560P1 (93262-A),
WL8060P1 (92111-A),
WL8060P1 (92248-A),
WL8060P1 (92264-A) 

Askoll Model S3040, Cod 429638 Art RT052400,
Please Note, long grey water hoses can cause undue stress on FP pumps causing them to draw higher current than normal, This in turn can cause the electronic module to fault with an error code and beeping/ If using a grey water hose it is advisable to use a siphon break, or pump into a container that the grey water can run out of under gravity.

WL8060P1 (92111-A), WA8060P1 (92147-A), WA8060E1 (92168-A), WA8060G1 (92176-A), WA7060E1 (92217-A), WA7060G1 (92224-A), WA8560P1 (92232-A), WA8560E1 (92233-A), WA7560E1 (92235-A), WA7560E1 (92244-A), WA8560E1 (92245-A), WA8560G1 (92246-A), WA8560P1 (92247-A), WL8060P1 (92248-A), WA7560E1 (92262-A), WA8560G1 (92263-A), WL8060P1 (92264-A), WA8560G1 (93232-A), WA8560E1 (93261-A), WA8560P1 (93262-A), WA8560G1 (92263-A), WL8060P1 (92264-A), WA8560G1 (93232-A), WA8560E1 (93261-A), WA8560P1 (93262-A)






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424793P, 429638P,


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