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HAIER Elba Fisher Paykel WASHING MACHINE DRAIN HOSE WH8560, HWM85-1482, H0020300148

$24.00 + FREIGHT & GST

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Washing Machine Drain Pump, Haier Washing Machine Parts, Out let Hose Washing Machine,, FISHER & PAYKEL ELBA WASHING MACHINE AND DISHWASHER DRAIN HOSE OUTLET HOSE ,


OUTLET HOSE WH8060, WH756012, WD8560. WH7560, WH8560, HWM85-1482, HWM85, HWM75, HWF85AW1, HW75AW1,  HWF80BW1, HWX8040DW1, WH7560P1, HWM1070KFL, HWM1480KFL, HWM1270KFL, HWM1480GFL, HWM80.1401, HWM70-1203D, HWM70-1201, HWM80-1403D, TWLWF70, HWM75-1279, HWM85-1479, HWM80-1401, HWF80BW2, 
WH1060P3 FP AA 93279-AWH1060P3 FP AA93279-A5.74 MBJan 202112/01/2021Download
WH1060P3 FP AA 93279-A, 
parmco td6s-f1, TD6s-f1, TD6W-f1 version 1
93229 - WH8060P2
93229-A - WH8060P2 FP AA
93230-A - WH7560J2 FP AA
93235-A - WD8560F1 AA FP
93236-A - WH8560J3 FP AA
93245-A - WH8560F1 FP AA
93246-A - WH8560J3 FP AA
93247-A - WH7560P2 FP AA
93248-A - WH8060P2 FP AA
93249-A - WH7560J3 FP AA
93254-A - WH8560P2 FP AA
93255-A - WH8060F1 FP AA
61302 - HWM1070KFL HA AA
61302-A - HWM1070KFL HA AA
61303-A - HWM1480KFL HA AA
61312-A - HWM1270KFL HA AA
61320-A - HWM1480GFL HA AA
61343-A - HWM80-1401 HA AA
61344-A - HWM70-1203D HA AA
61345-A - HWM70-1201 HA AA
61346-A - HWM80-1403D HA AA
61356-A - TWLWF70 ASP NZ
61359-A - HWM75-1279 HA AA
61360-A - HWM85-1479 HA AA
92228-A - WH8560F1 FP AA
92229 - WH8560P2
92229-A - WH8560P2 FP AA
92230 - WH7560P2
92230-A - WH7560P2 FP AA
92231-A - WH8560J2 FP AA
92236-A - WH7560J3 FP AA
92237-A - WD7560P1 AA FP
92239-A - WH7560J3 FP SG
93161-A - WH8060P1 FP AA
93228 - WH8060F1\
HWF75AW2 WH1260P1,
93228-A - WH8060F1 FP AA
61361-A - HWM85-1482 HA AA
61364-A - HWM85-B14266 HA AA
61365-A - HWM75-B12266 HA AA
61380-A - HWF85AW1 HA AA
61381-A - HWF75AW1 HA AA
61382-A - HWF80BW1 HA AA
61383-A - HWX8040DW1 HA AA
92136 - WH7560P1 FP AA
92137 - WH7560J1 FP AA
92141 - WH8560P1 FP AA
92142 - WH8560J1 FP AA
92228 - WH8560F1
62341-A HWF90BW1 HWD8040BW1,
WH1060P4 FP AA 93292-A 
WH1060P3 FP AA 93279-A 


We highly recommend that you remove the faulty part and conduct a thorough comparison with the model number, photo, and dimensions provided above. If your model number is not listed, the part you have differs from the photo provided, or you are uncertain, kindly send your inquiry via email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz. We will respond promptly and provide you with the appropriate part.

Please note that selecting the wrong part is possible, but it may incur a 20% restocking fee imposed by the supplier, which will be passed on to you.

H0020300148, H0020300148F


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