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FAN MOTOR HBA20B120S/01, HBA23B220S/01, HBA23B220S/02, HBA23B250/01, HBA23B250S/01, HBA23B250S/02, HBA23B260/01, HBA23B450/01, HBA23B520J/01, HBA23B520J/02, HBA23B550J/01, HBA23B550J/02, HBA23B550W/01, HBA23B550W/02, HBA23B560J/01, HBA23B560J/02, HBA23S350S/01, HBA23S350S/02, HBA23T550J/01, HBA23T550J/02, HBA24B150/01, HBA24T150/01 HBA20B150/01, HBA24U250/01 HBA20B150S/01, HBB77C650E/01 HBA20B250/01, HBL43B250B/01 HBA23B120S/01, HBL43B250B/02 HBA23B120S/02, HBL43R450E/01 HBA23B150S/01, HBL43R450E/02 HBA23B150S/02, HBL53B550A/01 HBA23B160S/01, HBL53B550A/02 HBA23B160S/02, HBL57S650E/01 HBL57S650E/02, HBN200451/01, HBN200452/01, HBN230451/01, HBN230452/01, HBN230551A/01, HBN230551J/01, HBN230561J/01, HBN23T551J/01, HBN23U451/01, HBN300521/01, HBN300541/01, HBN300551/01, HBN300561/01, HBN300571/01, HBN300571/02, HBN320551/01, HBN330521/01, HBN330541/01, HBN330551/01, HBN330551A/01, HBN330561/01 HBN131521B/01, HBN334551/01 HBN131521B/02, HBN33L551/01 HBN131551A/01, HBN33R551/01 HBN131551B/01, HBN340521S/01 HBN131551B/02, HBN340551/01 HBN131561B/01, HBN340551S/01 HBN131561B/02, HBN340561S/01 HBN136551B/01, HBN340571/01 HBN136551B/02, HBN340571/02 HBN340571S/01, HBN360661/01, HBN360671/01, HBN360671/02, HBN36L651/01, HBN36L671/01, HBN36L671/02, HBN36R651/01, HBN36R671/01, HBN36R671/02, HBN370651E/01, HBN380651/01, HBN380651S/01, HBN380751/01, HBN38075K/01, HBN430521A/01, HBN430521B/01, HBN430521F/01, HBN430551A/01, HBN430551B/01, HBN430551F/01, HBN430551J/01 HBN340571S/02, HBN430561B/01 HBN344551S/01, HBN430561F/01 HBN34L551S/01, HBN434521F/01 HBN34R551S/01, HBN434551F/01 HBN34T551S/01, HBN434561F/01 HBN360621/01, HBN436551B/01 HBN360641/01, HBN43L551B/01 HBN360651/01, HBN43R551B/01 HBN360651S/01, HBN530551A/01 HBN53L551A/01, HBN560551F/01, HBN560551J/01, HBN560561B/01, HBN560561F/01, HBN565651/01, HBN57L651T/01, HBN57R651T/01, HBN580651B/01, HBN58T651A/01, HBN630250/01, HBN630250F/05, HBN630250S/01, HBN630520F/06 HBN630521F/01, HBN630521F/01, HBN630522F/01, HBN630550F/05, HBN630551F/01, HBN630552F/01, HBN630560F/06, HBN630561F/01, HBN630562F/01 HBN53L551A/02, HBN630570F/05 HBN53L552/01, HBN630N60F/04 HBN53R551A/01, HBN631451/01 HBN53R551A/02, HBN634520F/05 HBN53R552/01, HBN634521F/01 HBN540551A/01, HBN634550F/04 HBN560521F/01, HBN634551F/01 HBN560551A/01, HBN634560F/05 HBN560551B/01, HBN634561F/01 HBN634570F/04, HBN730551S/01 HBN730520B/06, HBN730560B/06, HBN730561/01, HBN730561B/01, HBN730571/01, HBN730571/02, HBN731551A/01, HBN73R551/01, HBN73T551S/01, HBN73U551/01, HBN760520F/05, HBN760521F/01, HBN760550F/04, HBN760551F/01 HBN730560C/01, HBN760560F/05 HBN730561B/01, HBN760561F/01 HBN730561C/01, HBN760570F/04, HBN760651/01, HBN770550F/04, HBN770551F/01, HBN770551F/02 HBN700551/01, HBN780721F/01 HBN730520B/06, HBN780721F/02 HBN730521/01, HBN780751/01 HBN730521B/01, HBN780751/02 HBN730550B/05, HBN780751F/01 HBN730550J/04, HBN780751F/02 HBN730551/01, HBN780751S/01 HBN730551B/01, HBN780751S/02 HBN730551J/01, HBN780761F/01 HBN780761F/02, HBN78R751/02, HBN78R751S/01, HBN78R751S/02, HBN78R751U/01, HBN78U751S/01, HEA20B120S/01, HEA20B150/01, HEA20B150S/01, HEA20B220/01, HEA20B250/01, HEA20T150/01, HEA22T150/01, HEA23B120S/01, HEA23B120S/02, HEA23B150/01, HEA23B150S/01, HEA23B150S/02, HEA23B151/01, HEA23B160S/01, HEA23B160S/02, HEA23B250/01 HBN780771S/01, HEA24B120/01 HBN780771S/02, HEA24B140/01 HBN780771S/03, HEA24B150/01 HBN78L751/01, HEA24U250/01 HBN78L751/02, HEA30B250/01 HBN78L751S/01, HEA30B250/02 HBN78L751S/02, HEA32S450/01 HBN78L751U/01, HEA32S450/02 HBN78R751/01, HEA34B450/01 HEA34B450/02, HEB24D120/02, HEB24D120/03, HEB24D140/01, HEB24D140/02, HEB24D140/03, HEB24D150/01, HEB24D150/02, HEB24D150/03, HEB24D151/01, HEB24D151/02, HEB24D250/01, HEB24D250/02, HEB24D250/03, HEB63D150/01, HEB63D150/02, HEB63D150/03, HEN230054/01, HEN330551/01, HEN330561/01, HEN334551/01, HEN334561/01 HEA34B550/01, HEN340551/01 HEA34B550/02, HEN340561/01 HEA43T150/01, HEN344521/01 HEA60B150/01, HEN344551/01 HEA60B150/02, HEN344561/01 HEB20D150/01, HEN384751/01 HEB20D150/02, HEN43T054/01 HEB20D150/03, HEN43T154/01 HEB24D120/01, HEN600023/03 HEN600043/03, HEN730521/01, HEN730541/01, HEN730551/01, HEN730561/01, HEN730571/01, HEN730571/02, HEN734551/01, HEN736551/01, HEN73U551/01, HEN760651/01 HEN600053/02, HEN764651/01, HEN766651/01, HEN780751/01 HEN600053/03, HEN780751/02 HEN600120/01, HEN784751/01, HEN784751/02, HEN784771/01, HEN786751/01, HEN786751/02, HEN786771/01, HEN786771/02 HEN600053/03, HEN786771/03 HEN60T053/01, HLN342220B/01 HEN631453/01, HLN342220B/02 HEN634053/02, HLN342250B/01 HEN634153/03, HLN343250B/01 HEN634453/01, HLN343260B/01 HEN700551/01, HLN423020E/02 HEN704551/01, HLN423020E/03 HEN706551/01, HLN423040E/02 HLN423041E/01, HLN444020E/03, HLN444020E/04, HLN444420X/02, HLN444420X/03, HLN448021S/01, HLN448021S/02, HLN448021S/03, HLN448021S/04, HLN448021W/01, HLN448021W/02, HLN448021W/03, HLN448021W/04, HLN448021X/01, HLN448021X/02, HLN448021X/03, HLN448021X/04, HLN448050/01, HLN448050/02, HLN448050/03, HLN448051S/01, HLN448051S/02 HLN423041E/02, HLN448051S/03 HLN423041E/03, HLN448051W/01 HLN433052E/01, HLN448051W/02 HLN433052E/02, HLN448051W/03 HLN443050E/02, HLN448051X/01 HLN443051E/01, HLN448051X/02 HLN443051E/02, HLN448051X/03 HLN443051E/03, HLN448061X/01 HLN444020E/02, HLN448061X/02 HLN448061X/03, HLN653250B/01, HLN653420F/02, HLN653420F/03, HLN653421F/01, HLN653450F/02, HLN653460F/01, HLN653461F/01, HLN654020/02, HLN654020/03, HLN654020E/02, HLN654021E/01, HLN654021E/02, HLN654040E/02, HLN654041E/01, HLN654050E/02, HLN654050X/01 HLN652020X/02, HLN654051E/01, HLN654051E/02, HLN654420/02, HLN654420/03, HLN658020F/02 HLN448250B/01, HLN658020F/03 HLN448250B/02, HLN658020F/04 HLN454420/02, HLN658050F/02 HLN454420/03, HLN658050F/03 HLN652020S/02, HLN658250B/01 HLN652020S/03, HLN658250B/02 HLN652020X/02, HSN321020E/02 HLN652020X/03, HSN321020E/03 HLN652050X/01, HSN321021E/02 HSN321021E/03, HSN340020E/03, HSN340020E/04, HSN651020E/02, HSN651021E/01, HSN651021E/02, HSV745055A/01, HSV745055A/02 HSN321040E/02, HSV745055S/02 HSN340020E/02, B4540A0FN/05, B4540N0/02, B4540N0EU/02, B4540N0FN/05, B4540N0FN/06, B4540S0FN/06, B4540S0FN/07, B4540W0FN/06 B4540A0FN/06, B4540W0FN/07 B4540A0FN/06, B4560A0FN/05 B4540C0FN/03, B4560A0FN/06 B4540E0FN/03, HB151550B/03, HB750650B/04, HB75R550B/01, HB760580B/03, HB750550B/03, HBA63A250B/01, HBA63A250B/02, HBA63A260B/01, HBA63A260B/02, HBA73B550B/01, HBA73B550B/02, HBA73B550B/03, HBA73B550B/04, HBA76B650B/01, HBA76B650B/02, HBA76B650B/03, HBN730520B/06, HBN730521B/01, HBN730550B/05, HBN730551B/01, HBN730551S/01, HBN730560B/06, HBN730561B/01, HLN653250B/01, HLN658250B/01, HLN658250B/02, HBA23B151A/02, HBA23B151A/01, HBA23B151A/03, HBA23B151A/04, HBA23B151A/70,

C, 3 X 6.4mm spade terminals for connection + earthing.
Fan forced oven fan motor suits many Bosch underbench ovens.
3 mounting holes in an equal triangle - 99mm apart.
Distance between cooling fan blade and rear of motor - 42.5mm. Shaft length - 48mm.
Main fan blade diameter - 150mm.
220-240VoltsAC, 35Watts, 50Hz.

NOTE! Please Don’t Call for Availability Check prior to purchasing this part. If we do not have the part in stock ( Run out of Stock ), we will immediately order directly from Manufacturers . If the part is not available from Them within 1-3 days, we will contact you with details and if you are not happy to wait we will kindly provide a full refund. You can buy online and select PICK UP on check out, when part is ready we will call you .

00651461, 651461 00641943 641943 00642214 642214 00651461 651461,


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