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Blanco and ASKO Oven Fan Forced Element BOSE635AX BOSE67W BOSE68X BOSE69PX,77X2277, 00203187

$80.00 $79.00 + FREIGHT & GST

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Fan force Element, indesit oven cooktop parts


Power: 2000W Voltage: 220V - 240V Length: 249 mm Width: 192,5 mm Flange: 70x22 mm Holes wheelbase: 56 mm Connectors wheelbase: 24 mm Connector length: 66 mm
DOD448XA1, DOD798XA, DOE705X, DOP450XE1, DOP490XE1, DOP740X,

Model OP8620 AU   -Electric ocen OP8650 AU   -Electric oven OT8620 EU   -Electric oven CI9640PS EU   -Cooker OT8620 AU   -Electric oven OP8651s EU   -Electric oven OP8620 EU   -Electric oven CI9620S   -Cooker OP8640 AU   -Electric oven OP8651s AU   -Electric oven OP8640 EU   -Electric oven white OP8640 EU   -Electric oven stain CI9640PW EU   -Cooker CI9620W   -Cooker OP8650 EU   -Electric oven, 

Asko 106OP86201 106OP86501 803OT86201 803CI9640P1 106OT86201 803OP86511 803OP86201 803CI96201 106OP86401 106OP86511 803OP86400 803OP86401 803CI9640P0 803CI96200 803OP86501,

Model OP8620AU, OP8650AU, OT8620EU, CI9640PSEU   -Cooker OT8620AU, OP8651sEU, OP8620EU, CI9620S  OP8640AU, OP8651sAU OP8640EU, OP8640EU, CI9640PWEU CI9620W OP8650EU,

BODE26X, BOSE166B, BOSE166W, BOSE166X, BOSE168X, BOSE617X, BOSE622AX, BOSE625X, BOSE635AX, BOSE67W, BOSE68X, BOSE69PX, BOSE6APX, BOSEP168X, DOC410XA1, DOC540XA1, DOC710X, DOC760X, DOD448XA1, DOD798XA, DOE705X, DOP450XE1, DOP490XE1, DOP740X, DOP795B,DOP795X, Brandt Oven & Cooker BMC140B, BMC140W, BMC140X, BMC141X, BMC240B, BMC240X, BMC241X, BMP160B, BMP160W, BMP160X, BMP161X, BMP260B, BMP260X, BMP261X, BP411WU1, BP411XU1, EMIC800X, FAC74J1N, FAP24B1U, FAP24C1U, FAQ75J1N, FAQ75W1N, FAQ75X1N, FBP25B1G, FBP25W1G, FBP25X1G, FBP75J1N, FC222MN1, FC222WN1, FC222XN1, FC222ZN1, FC223XN1, FC272WN1, FC272XN1, FC422MN1, FC422WN1, FC422XN1, FC422ZN1, FC472XN1, FC622WN1, FC622XGN1, FC622XN1, FC672XN1, FE222BS1, FE222WS1, FE222XS1, FE222ZS1, FE411WU1, FE411XU1, FE422BS1, FE422WS1, FE422XS1, FE422ZS1, FE610WN1, FE610XN1, FE612XN1, FE622BS1, FE622WS1, FE622XS1, FP224MN1, FP224WN1, FP224XN1, FP225BS1, FP225WS1, FP225XS1, FP228MN1, FP228XN1, FP228ZN1, FP229BS1, FP229WS1, FP229XS1, FP230XN1, FP424MN1, FP424WN1, FP424XN1, FP424ZN1, FP428MN1, FP428XN1, FP611XN1, FP624BN1, FP624WN1, FP624XGN1, FP624XN1, FP624ZN1, FP628XGN1, FP628XN1, FP667XS1, KN173W1G, KNA43W1N, KNA84W1N, KNA85W1N, KNW95W1N, KQS83W1N, KQW93W1N, KV571WN1, KV571XN1, KV600WN1, FAQ25B1U, FAQ25W1U Butler Oven & Cooker BOV3010 De Dietrich Oven & Cooker CB8479F1, CD7434F1, CD7474F1, CD8437E1, CD8439E1, CD8449F1, CD8457E1, CD8469F1, CD8479E1, CD8499F1, CE9000E1, CE9005E1, CM8479F1, CW8437F1, DCI195WE1, DCI195XE1, DCI295WE1, DCI295XE1, DCI399AE1, DCI399WE1, DCI399XE1, DCI499AE1, DCI499WE1, DCI499XE1, DCI499XU1, DCI798X, DCI799A, DCI799W, DCI799X, DCM120WE1, DCM140VE1, DCM140WE1, DCM150WE1, DCM150XE1, DCM170WE1, DCM190AE1, DCM220WE1, DCM240VE1, DCM240WE1, DCM250WE1, DCM250XE1, DCM340WE1, DCM350WE1, DCM350XE1, DCM360AE1, DCM365WE1, DCM440WE1, DCM450WE1, DCM450XE1, DCM469WE1, DCM630W, DCM640A, DCM640W, DCM650W, DCM650X, DCM740A, DCM740W, DCM750W, DCM750X, DCV110WE1, DCV130WE1, DCV140TE1, DCV140WE1, DCV140XE1, DCV230WE1, DCV230XE1, DCV330WE1, DCV330XE1, DCV469WE1, DCV469XE1, DCV768W, DCV768X, DCV769W, DCV769X, DMC401E1, DMC401E2, DMC402E1, DMC404E1, DMC404E2, DMP401E1, DMP401E2, DMP402E1, DMP404E1, DMP404E2, DMP501E1, DMP501E2, DMP502E1, DMP504E1, DMP504E2, DOC310BE1, DOC310WE1, DOC310XE1, DOC310ZE1, DOC315DF1, DOC315EF1, DOC410BE1, DOC410WE1, DOC410XA1, DOC410XE1, DOC410XJ1, DOC505XE1, DOC540BE1, DOC540WE1, DOC540XA1, DOC540XE1, DOC560XE1, DOC710B, DOC710W, DOC710X, DOC740X, DOC760X, DOD328BU1, DOD328WU1, DOD328XU1, DOD338BU1, DOD338WU1, DOD338XU1, DOD348BG1, DOD348WG1, DOD348XG1, DOD428XU1, DOD438BU1, DOD438WU1, DOD438XU1, DOD448BG1, DOD448WG1, DOD448XA1, DOD448XG1, DOD798B, DOD798W, DOD798X, DOE405WJ1, DOE405XE1, DOE405XJ1, DOE505BE1, DOE505WE1, DOE505XD1, DOE505XE1, DOE705BJ, DOE705WJ, DOE705X, DOE705XJ, DOE710XJ, DOE740XS, DOP330BE1, DOP330WE1, DOP330XE1, DOP340BE1, DOP340WE1, DOP340XE1, DOP340ZE1, DOP350BE1, DOP350WE1, DOP350XE1, DOP355DF1, DOP355EF1, DOP360BE1, DOP360WE1, DOP360XE1, DOP370BE1, DOP370WE1, DOP370XE1, DOP370ZE1, DOP390BE1, DOP390WE1, DOP390XE1, DOP390ZE1, DOP399WE1, DOP430WJ1, DOP430XJ1, DOP440BE1, DOP440WE1, DOP440WJ1, DOP440XE1, DOP440XJ1, DOP440ZE1, DOP450BE1, DOP450WE1, DOP450XE1, DOP450ZE1, DOP455DF1, DOP455EF1, DOP455XD1, DOP458BF1, DOP458WF1, DOP458XF1, DOP460BE1, DOP460WE1, DOP460XE1, DOP465XD1, DOP470BE1, DOP470WE1, DOP470XE1, DOP470ZE1, DOP475XD1, DOP475ZD1, DOP490BE1, DOP490WE1, DOP490XE1, DOP490XT1, DOP490ZE1, DOP495XD1, DOP495ZD1, DOP505BE1, DOP505WE1, DOP505XE1, DOP705X, DOP705XS, DOP720B, DOP720W, DOP720X, DOP730XJ, DOP740B, DOP740BS, DOP740W, DOP740WS, DOP740X, DOP740XJ, DOP740XS, DOP750B, DOP750W, DOP750X, DOP750Z, DOP755D, DOP755E, DOP760B, DOP760W, DOP760X, DOP760XS, DOP770B, DOP770W, DOP770X, DOP770XS, DOP770Z, DOP790B, DOP790DEM, DOP790W, DOP790X, DOP790XS, DOP790Z, DOP792B, DOP792W, DOP792X, DOP795B, DOP795X, F5867U3, FA4441E1, FA4441E2, FA4441E3, FA4447E3, FA4641E3, FA4647E0, FA4647E1, FA4647E2, FA4647E3, FA5447E1, FA5447E2, FA5447E3, 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UMP411E2, UMP412E1, UMP414E1, UMP501E1, UMP501J1, UMP502E1, UMP502J1, UMP504E1, UMP504J1, UMP505E1, UMP506E1, UMP511E1, UMP512E1, UMP601E1, UMP602E1, UMP604E1, UMP615E1, UMP616E1









We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. 

288977, 77X2277, 


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