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Mitsubishi freezer Door Seal Gasket MR385S, 385SL, MR-385R, MR-385S, MR-385T, MR-385U, MR-385X, MR-385B, **H79111

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Mitsubishi Fridge Freezer Parts, Fridge Freezer Door Seal Gasket.


freezer Gasket SEAL DOOR MR385S/385SL/38: MR-385R, MR-385S, MR-385T, MR-385U, MR-385X, MR-385B, MR-385C (includes all L, -W & -ST variations) MR385E MR420E,  385cl,
MR-385U-W-A MR-385U-ST-A MR-385UL-W-A MR-385UL-ST-A MR-420U-W-A MR-420U-ST-A MR-455U-W-A MR-455U-ST-A,
M385R FREEZER: MR385R MR385RS MR385T MR385/420/455U MR420R MR385SL MR420T MR455R MR420S MR455T MR455S MR385X, MR-420X, MR-455X MR455S-ST MR385B, 420/455B + MR385E, 420E MR420EK-ST (2017) MR-420EK-W (2017), 
MR-385T-W-A MR-385T-ST-A MR-385TL-W-A MR-385TL-ST-A MR-420T-W-A MR-420T-ST-A MR-455T-W-A MR-455T-ST-A
MR-385T-W-A(NZ) MR-385T-ST-A(NZ) MR-385TL-W-A(NZ) MR-385TL-ST-A(NZ) MR-420T-W-A(NZ) MR-420T-ST-A(NZ) MR-455T-W-A(NZ) MR-455T-ST-A(NZ), 

MR-385C-W-A MR-385C-ST-A MR-385CL-W-A MR-385CL-ST-A MR-420C-W-A MR-420C-ST-A MR-455C-W-A MR-455C-ST-A , 
MR-385S-W-A MR-385S-ST-A MR-385SL-W-A MR-385SL-ST-A MR-420S-W-A MR-420S-ST-A MR-455S-W-A MR-455S-ST-A
MR-385S-W-A(NZ) MR-385S-ST-A(NZ) MR-385SL-W-A(NZ) MR-385SL-ST-A(NZ) MR-420S-W-A(NZ) MR-420S-ST-A(NZ) MR-455S-W-A(NZ) MR-455S-ST-A(NZ)

After install you need to warm it up with hair dryer to make it soft and flexible, first warm it from inside (all around ) than close the door and warm it from outside , than dont open the door for couple hours .
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