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Indesit, Ariston Whirlpool Dishwasher inlet valve ,

$63.25 Excluding of GST In stock 1-5 day to deliver


oops ,looks like we are out of stock ,please call us for update and eta Sorry, there are only 2 of this item currently in stock. the selected product is not available.


Inlet Valve washing Machine, Inlet Valve Dishwasher,, Indesit and Ariston Dishwasher Parts, INLET VALVE DISHWASHER,


9BRVW6001A2   ABE2B19B   ACIC3C24   ADG201    ADG201DISHWASHERWP   ADG211   ADG211      ADG221     ADG221DISHWASHERWP   ADG271   ADG271DISHWASHERWP   ADL101    ADL101DISHWASHERIG   ADL102X   ADLK70   ADLK70X   ADLS7  ADP201WH    ADP201WHDISHWASHERWP   ADP221WH     ADP301IXUK   ADP301WHUK   ADPU201WH   AFC2C24   AFC2C24X   AFE1B16   AFE1B16X   AIC3C26C   ASBC3B1X   ASBC3B1X   ASFE1B10   ASIC3M19   ASIC3M19   ASIC3M19CH   BBC3C26X   BBC3C26XDISHWASHERBK   BDH201B53   BFC3C26PFIS   BFC3C26PFXIS   BKBC3C26X   CDIFP67T9CFR   DBE2B19UK   DDFG26B17EU     DDFG26B17SEU    DDFP58B16EU   DFC2B+16   DFC2B+16S   DFC2B+16SUK   DFC2B+16UK   DFC2C24B   DFC2C24UK   DFE1B10   DFE1B1913   DFE1B1914   DFE1B19BUK   DFE1B19S   DFE1B19UK   DFE1B19X   DFE1B19XUK   DFG03TK    DFG04TK   DFG0507    DFG050MEX60HZ   DFG050MSEX60H DFG0512EU   DFG0512SEU   DFG051SZA DFG051ZA DFG054BFR  DFG13B10TK    DFG14B10TK     DFG152BIT  DFG152BSIT  DFG15B10ES    DFG15B10EU         DFG15B10SEU       DFG15B10TK    DFG15B11UK   DFG15B1CUK    DFG15B1FR    DFG15B1IT       DFG15B1KUK      DFG15B1PL    DFG15B1SFR  DFG15B1SIT      DFG15B1SK    DFG15B1SUK      DFG15B1UK        DFG15M10EU  DFG15M10SEU  DFG254BFR  DFG254BNXFR   DFG254BSFR  DFG254NXFR  DFG255FR  DFG256BFR  DFG2622EU    DFG2627    DFG2631MEU DFG2631MNXEU  DFG26B10EU        DFG26B10EU   DFG26B10NXEU     DFG26B16FR     DFG26B16NXFR   DFG26B17FR   DFG26B1EU        DFG26B1NXEU        DFG26B1NXEU   DFG26B1SUK   DFG26B1UK    DFG26M10EU  DFG26T16FR  DFGL17B19UK    DFO3C23XUK   DFO3C26   DFO3C26X   DFO3T133FUK   DFP2631EU  DFP2631MEU  DFP2631MNXEU  DFP2631NXEU  DFP2727     DFP274BSFR  DFP274NXEU  DFP27B+96Z   DFP27B16FR   DFP27B16NXFR   DFP27B1SK   DFP27B1UK     DFP27M10EU  DFP27M10NXTK   DFP27T96ZUK   DFP28B16FR   DFP5731EU   DFP5731MEU  DFP5731MNXEU   DFP5731NXEU  DFP573NXEU   DFP58B+96EU   DFP58B+96NXEU   DFP58B16FR   DFP58B1EU         DFP58B1EX      DFP58B1NXEU       DFP58B1NXEX      DFP58B1SK DFP58B1UK  DFP58M16CEX60HZ   DFP58M16NXCEX60HZ   DFP58T1CNXEU   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HFO3C23WFUK   HFO3T221WGCUK   HFO3T222WGUK   HFO3T222WGXUK   HI3010   HI5010C   HI5020C   HIC3B+26    HIC3B+26   HIC3B+26UK    HIC3B19CUK   HIC3B19UK   HIC3C26WFUK   HIC3C26WUKN   HIC3C33CWEUK   HIE2B19C   HIE2B19UK   HIE3B19C   HIO3C24WCUK   HIO3C26WUK   HIO3T1239WEUK   HIO3T221WGCEUK   HIO3T232WGEUK   HIP4O539WLEGTUK   HKIC3B+26    HLD8M126BEU   HRIE2B19   HSB7M124BEU   HSB7M124XEU   HSFC3M19C   HSFC3M19C   HSFC3M19CUK   HSFC3M19CUKN   HSFC3T127C   HSFC3T127C   HSFCIH4798FSUK   HSFE1B19BUK   HSFE1B19BUKN   HSFE1B19SUK   HSFE1B19SUKN   HSFE1B19UK   HSFE1B19UKN   HSIC3M19   HSIC3M19   HSIC3T127UK   HSIC3T127UKN   HSICIH4798BIUK   HSIE2B19   HSIE2B19   HSIE2B19UK   IDF125KUK   IDF145UK  IDP127BD  IDP147  IDP148D  IDP148MD  IDS105KUK  IDS105SUK   IDS105UK   LBF42TKHA   LBF517   LBF520XTKHA   LBF52ATKHAR LBF52TKHAR  LBF5BAUS   LBF5BXAUS  LFB3B010TK      LFB4H010TK   LFB4M010TK    LFB4M010XTK    LFB5B010EX     LFB5B010GBEX   LFB5B010GBXEX   LFB5B010XEX   LFB5B019BFR     LFB5B019EU       LFB5B019FR  LFB5M010TK    LFB5M019BTK    LFB5M019XTK    LFC2B19   LFC2B19X   LFC2B19X   LFC2B19XUK   LFC2B19XUK   LFF8114AGR   LFF8B116FR  LFF8B116XFR   LFF8M124EU   LFF8M124SBEU   LFF8M124XEU   LFF8M132SBEU   LFK4B010TK   LFK4B010XTK   LFK6B+010TK    LFK6B+010XTK   LFK7M126X   LFS114BKHAR LFS114BUKR  LFS114IXEXR   LFS114IXHAR  LFS114XUKR  LFS216IXFR  LFS216IXFRR  LFT04UKTAR  LFT114UK1  LFT114UKR   LIC3B+26    LIC3B+26   LIE2C19   LKF6MEXR   LKF7114AGR   LSB5B019BUK    LSB5B019CBEU    LSB5B019WUK   LSB5B019XEU     LSB5B019XUK   LSB7B116XEU  LSF6127  LSF712AG   LSF712EUHA       LSF7237    LSF7237X  LSF723AEU  LSF723EUHA     LSF723FR  LSF723XEU     LSF723XFR  LSFB7B019EU     LSFB7B019XEU   LSFB7B09EX   LSFB7B09XEX   LSFC3M19X   LSFE1B19S   LSFF8M126UK   LSFK7B019XEU  LSFK7B09CRU    LSTB4B00EU     LSTB4B00RU   LSTB4B00UK   LSTB4B01EU   LSTB6M19UK   LSTF8M126UK   LTB4B019EU      LTB4B019UK     LTB4B116EU  LTB4M116EU   LTB6M126UK   LTF11B116EU   LTF11M1246CLUK   LTF11M126EU   LTF8B019CEU   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WFC3C33PFXUK   WFC3C34   WFC3C34PX   WFC3C34X   WFE2B16   WFE2B16X   WFE2B17    WFE2B17X   WFE2B19    WFE2B19   WFE2B19IS   WFE2B19NX   WFE2B19UK   WFE2B19UKN   WFE2B19X       WFE2B19X   WFE2B19XAUS   WFE2B19XIS   WFE2B19XSA   WFE2B19XUK   WFE2B19XUKN   WFO3C2365NX   WFO3C2365X   WFO3C236X   WFO3C3365X   WFO3T132   WFO3T132X   WFO3T142X   WI3010   WI5020   WI7020P   WIC3B+26    WIC3B16     WIC3B19    WIC3B19   WIC3B19UK    WIC3B19UKN   WIC3B26   WIC3C23PEF    WIC3C23PEFDISHWASHERWP   WIC3C23PEFUK   WIC3C23PEFUKDISHWASHERWP   WIC3C24   WIC3C24PE    WIC3C26   WIC3C26F     WIC3C26F   WIC3C26N   WIC3C26NPF60HZ   WIC3C26NUK   WIC3C26P   WIC3C26PF60HZ   WIC3C26PFKR60HZ   WIC3C26PFSA   WIC3C26UK   WIC3C33PE   WIC3C33PFE   WIC3C33PFEUK   WIC3C34PE   WIE2B16    WIE2B19        WIE2B19   WIE2B19IS   WIE2B19N   WIE2B19NUK   WIE2B19UK    WIO3C26NP   WIS5020   WKBC3C24PB   WKBC3C24PX   WKBC3C34PB   WKBC3C34PX   WKIC3C24PE    WKIC3C26   WKIC3C26   WKIC3C26   WLV14BY   WLV14SY   WMIC3B19   WMIE2B19   WRBC3C24P   WRBC3C24PX   WRFC3C26   WRFC3C26   WRFC3C26X   WRFC3C26X   WRFC3C26X   WRFE2B16    WRFE2B16X   WRIC3B+26   WRIC3B19    WRIC3C24PE   WRIC3C26   WRIC3C26   WRIC3C34PE   WRIE2B19     WSFE2B19   WSFE2B19   WSFE2B19EU   WSFE2B19EU   WSFE2B19UK   WSFE2B19X   WSFE2B19XUK   WSFE2B19XUKN   WSIE2B19C   WSIE2B19UK   WSUE2B19   WUC3B16     WUC3B16DISHWASHERWP   WUC3C26   WUC3C26F   WUC3C26F   WUC3C26X   WUE2B16   WUE2B16X   WUE2B19   WUE2B19DISHWASHERWP   WUE2B19X   WUIC3B19    WUIC3C26   WUIE2B19,

Orange Green or Black terminal are same fitting. 

Screen Shot 2021-12-15 at 3







We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. 

C00273883, C00258669, 10151170, 482000022024,



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