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Universal Hose for Washing Machine Drain Hose ,

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Inlet Hose washing Machine, Dishwasher inlet Hose,, Out let Hose Washing Machine,, CLASSIQUE WASHING MACHINE PARTS


This Flexi outlet hose hose has a 90 degree bend on one end with a clip that suits fits the outlet and is 22mm. The other end is 19-20mm and discharges into the sink.2 metre long.
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AWO3561, AWM8143, AWO3361, AWO5761, WFS1050CD, WFS1073CD,WFS1071BD, WFS1071AW, WFS1072AW, WFS1273AW,AWM 293-600, AWM 285-800, amw6100, awm5100, amw6100, amw8121, 

Generic for LG WT-H550 WT-H550W1 WTG6530W WTG7520 WT4901CW, WT-H550W1, WTG6530W, WTG7520, 5215EN2001A, WFT6572, WTH5550, WTH650, WTH750, WT-H550, WT-H650, WT-H750, WT-H755, LGW455, WTH650, WTH750, WTH755, WF-T452, WF-T502A, WF-T502C, WF-T502TH, WF-T506, WF-T507, WF-T552A, WF-T552C,
WF-T552TH, WF-T556, WF-T652, WF-T653A, WF-T655A, WF-T655TH, WF-T656, WF-T6562A,
WF-T657, WF-T6571, WF-T753A, WF-T755A, WF-T755TH, WF-T851, WF-T853, WF-T853A,
WF-T854A, WF-T855A, WF-T857, WF-T902, WF-T902A, WF-T953A, WT-H555A, WT-H755A,
WT-H755TH, WT-H756, WF-T552, WF-T852, WF-T852A, WT-H555TH, WT-H756TH, WF-802,
WF-T502, WF-T652A, WF-T752A WF-T753, WF-T753A, WF-T755, WF-T755A WF-T851, WF-T853, WF-T853A, WF-T854, WF-T854A, WF-T855, WF-T855A, WF-T857, WF-T902, WF-T902A,WF-T953 WF-H555,WF-H555A, WF-H755, WF-H755A, WF-H756, WF-451, WF-452,WE-452C, WF-651, WF-801WF-H555TH, 2W50382E, 961T0498, 5214FR3188G, DC97-14291B,
WD14030FD6 WD14030RD WD14030RD WD1403, F1403FD9, WD13330TD, WM3455HW, F1403FD, WM1355HR, WM1355HW, WM3431HS, WM3431HW, WD14311RDK, WD14316RDK, F1403RD, WD14311RD, WD14316RD, WM1333HW.
F1495BD F14A8FD F14A8RDS WD-1236TD WD-1457RD WD-1481RD WD-1485RD WD-1488RD WD-1488RD WD-8013F WD-8016F WD-F14427D WD14024D6 WD14030D WD14030D WD14030D6 WD14030FD WD14030FD WD14030FD6 WD14030RD WD14030RD WD14030RD6 WD14039D WD14039D WD14039D6 WD14060D6 WD14060SD6 WD14060SD6 WD14070D6 WD14070SD6 WD14071SD6 WD1408NPW WD1409HPW WD1409NPE WD1409NPW WD1410SBW WD1411SBW WD14130D6 WD14130FD6 WD14130RD6 WD14135D6 WD14750SD WD14756SD WD14800RD WD1611SMW2,
LG WD14022D6  LG WD1409NPW  LG WD1411SBW  LG WD14130D6 , 


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