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Smeg oven 190 degree overheat Thermostat cutout switch, 588

Smeg oven 190 degree overheat Thermostat cutout switch, 588
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Thermal cutout as used in many Smeg ovens as an over temperature safety thermostat.

Dimensions of body of cutout - diameter 14.5mm, height 13.7mm. Mounting hole spacing - 24mm.

Fitted with two 6.4mm spade terminals. Thermoplastic body.

Maximum ratings - 16Ampere 250VAC.

Cutout temperature - 190 degrees celcius.

Cutout is normally closed at room temperature and opens when the rated temperature is reached.

suits these models and many other brans and ovens

190 degree safety thermostat for A2; A2A; A2D; ALFA100X; AP410X; AP420X; APF2B/1; APF2N/1; APF6B/1; APF6N/1; B102MFX5; B70CMSX5; B70MFX5; B70MSX5; B71MFX5; B71MXBE5; B72MFX5; C6GMLI; C6GMNNL; C6GMX; C6GMXD; C6GMXI; C6GMXNL; C6GMXNLB; C6GVXI; C7GMXI; C7GMXNL; C7GPX; C7GVXI; C92DX; C92GMNNL; C92GMX; C92GMXNL; C92GPX; C92IPX; C9GMBNL; C9GMLI; C9GMNNL; C9GMRNL; C9GMXI; C9GMXNL; C9GMXNLB; CA61VM; CB51EVX; CB51SV; CB51VE; CB51VEY; CB51VM; CB51VMY; CB60EMS5; CB61EVX; CB61SV; CB61VE; CB61VES; CB61VEY; CB61VM; CB61VMS; CB61VMS-5; CB61VMY; CB66CES; CB66CES1; CB81VE; CB81VEY; CB81VGT; CB81VGTY; CB81VGY; CB90EV; CB90EV-1; CB90GY; CB90SV; CB91VG; CB91VGMA; CB91VGY; CB92VM; CB92VMY; CC62MFX5; CC92MFX5; CC92MFX6; CE6CMX; CE6GMLI; CE6IMX; CE92CMX; CE92GPX; CE92IMX; CE92IPX; CG92N; CG92X; CIX64MS; CL60FCEX; CL60FGAX; CN61MF-5; CO61CMA; CO61CMP; CO61GMA; CO61GMADE; CO61GMAI; CO61GMP; CO61GMPDE; CO61GMPI; CP60IX; CP60X7; CS20NL; CS20NLA; CSP19-6; CX51EVX; CX51EVX-1; CX51GVE; CX51M; CX51SV; CX51VE; CX51VM; CX51VM-5; CX60EMS5; CX61EAG; CX61EVX; CX61EVX-1; CX61GVE; CX61M; CX61MLPZ5; CX61MPZ; CX61MSPZ5; CX61SV; CX61VE; CX61VM; CX61VM-5; CX61VML; CX61VML-5; CX61VMLS; CX61VMLS5; CX61VMN; CX61VMN-5; CX61VMPZ5; CX61VMS; CX61VMS-5; CX66EMS5; CX66MN; CX66MN-5; CX66MS; CX66MS-5; CX66MS-6; CX66MSPZ5; CX81EVX; CX81EVX-1; CX81GVET; CX81MT; CX81SV; CX81VG; CX81VGT; CX81VM; CX81VMT; CX81VMT5; CX81VMT-5; CX81VMTT5; CX91EVX; CX91EVX-1; CX91GVE; CX91M; CX91VG; CX91VGMA; CX91VGMA1; CX91VM; CX91VM-5; CX92M; CX92VM; CXL61VM; CXL61VM-5; CXL81VMT; CXL91VM; DCCB 5269; DO67CAS; DO67CCS; DO67CGS; DS96MFX7; DUCO4SS; DUCO8CBL; DUCO8CSS; EBB7143X; EBH7140B; EBH7140W; EBH7140X; EBH7143B; EBH7143W; EBH7143X; F166; F166S; F170; F170K; FA166; FA170; FE360; FP610AB; FP610AN; FP610SBL; FP610SG; FP610SV; FP610X; FS60WHNG; FS60XNG; FS61MFX; FS61MFXLP; FS61WHNG; FS61XLPG; FS61XNG; FS61XPZ5; FS67MFX; HE2595B; HE2595X; ISO600/1; JLFSEC604; JLFSEC606; JLFSMC603; JLFSMC605; JLRC902; JLRC903; JRS30GIBB; JRS30GIBS; JRS30GIBW; JRS31GIBB; JRS31GIBS; JRS31GIBW; KE250X; KE280X; KE455X; KE485X; LF66105SS; LF67105SS; MCP48X; NL71SPMF5; NL91SPVG; NL91SPVG6; NUR280X; OF601XA; OF602XA; OFGG7GVXA; S10XMF/1; S200/1; S200EB/1; S200X/1; S20XMF; S20XMF.1; S20XMF-5; S20XMF-7; S20XMFR.1; S320X/1; S340/1; S340EB/1; S350X/1; S350X1; S350XB; S351X; S360X/T; S365X-1; S370/1; S370AV-1; S370EB/1; S370EB/T; S370EB/T2; S380X/1; S380X/T; S380X/T2; S381X; S399X; S400/1; S400EB/1; S500/1; S500EB/1; S500X/1; S550/1; S550EB/1; S550X/1; S551X; S709X-7; S995XTSA; SA206EB; SA206X; SA208EB; SA208X; SA20XMF; SA20XMFR; SA210P; SA210X/1; SA22XMF; SA22XMF-5; SA22XMF-7; SA240X; SA250X; SA280X; SA280X/1; SA301X; SA305X; SA310X; SA360EB/1; SA360X/1; SA375EB; SA375X; SA375X-1; SA380X/3; SA385EB; SA385X; SA386W; SA386X; SA392EB/1; SA392NE/1; SA398X/1; SA410EB; SA410X; SA420EB; SA420X; SA420X/1; SA440X; SA62MFX5; SA650EB1; SA650NE1; SA705X-7; SA707X-7; SA708X-7; SA710X-7; SA81VG; SA81VGMA; SA850P; SA850X; SA850X/1; SA890WR-5; SA920MF/2; SA920MFA1; SA920MFW2; SA92MFX5; SAP109-8; SAP109M-8; SAP112-8; SAP306X-8; SAP399X-8; SB81VG; SB81VGY; SB91VG; SB91VGMA; SB91VGY; SB93VGY; SB93VGYMA; SCA705X; SCA706X; SCA708X; SCA709X; SCA710X; SCB60MFB; SCB60MFB5; SCB60MFX; SCB60MFX5; SCB60MFX6; SCB60MFX7; SCB61MFX; SCB61MFX5; SCB66MFB; SCB66MFB5; SCB66MFX; SCB66MFX5; SCB66MFX6; SCB66XPZ5; SCB80GX; SCB80MFX5; SCB90GX; SCB91GX; SCB92MFA5; SCB92MFN5; SCB92MFRW; SCB92MFX5; SCB92MPN; SCB92MPRW; SCB92MPX5; SCD60EMX5; SCD60MFX; SCD60MFX5; SCD60MFX6; SCD60MFX7; SCD61CMA5; SCD61CMX5; SCD61GVE; SCD61MFA5; SCD61MFX; SCD61MFX5; SCD61XPZ5; SCD80MFX5; SCD80MFX6; SCD81MFX; SCD81MFX5; SCD90GX; SCD92MFX5; SCD93GX; SCE60MFX; SCE60MFX5; SCE61MFX; SCE61MFX5; SCE80GX; SCE80MFX; SCE80MFX5; SCE90GX; SCE91GX; SCP108-8; SCP108AL8; SCP108B-8; SCP108N-8; SCP108R-8; SCP108RB8; SCP108RN8; SCP108RS8; SCP108SG8; SCP109-8; SCP109B-8; SCP109N-8; SCP109SG8; SCP112-8; SCP112B-8; SCP112N-8; SCP112PZ8; SCP112SG8; SCP113-8; SCP113N-8; SCP113SG8; SCP115; SCP115A; SCP115A-1; SCP115X; SCP12-8; SCP399X-8; 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818731588, 818730550, 818731475, 

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