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Smeg Oven parts and Microwave, Microwave Spare parts all brand,, Microwave Magnetron,


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AEG Microwave
MCC3880E-M, MCC3880E-M/UK, MCC3880EM, MCC3881E-M, MCC3885E-M, MCD3880E-M, MCD3880E-M/UK, MCD3880EM, MCD3881E-M, MCD3885E-M

Electrolux Microwave
EMC38905X, EMC38905X/UK, EMC38915X, EMT38219OX, EMT38409AX, EMT38409OX, EMT38419OX
Smeg Microwave
S45MA, S45MCA, S45MCX, S45MCX1, S45MCX2, S45MCX3, S45MX, S45MX2C, S45MX3, S845MCPO9, SA45MCX2, SA45MX2, SC445MCX, SC445MCX1, SC445MX, SC45M, SC45M2, SC45M2C, SC45MB2, SC45MC, SC45MC1, SC45MC2, SC45MCB2, SC45MCNE2, SC45MCSG, SC45MCSG1, SC45MCSG2, SC45MNE2, SC45MSG, SC745MAO, SC745MPO, SC845MA, SC845MAO, SC845MAO9, SC845MP, SC845MP-9, SC845MPO, SC845MPO9, SCA45M2, SCA45MC2, SF4400MCX, SF4400MX SC45MC SC45MC2 S45MX SC45MCB2 SC45MCNE2 S45MCX2 S45MCX1,

Zanussi Microwave
ZKC38310XK, ZKC38313XK, ZKG38300XK, ZNF21X, ZNF21X/UK, ZNF31X, ZNF31X/UK




We highly recommend that you remove the faulty part and conduct a thorough comparison with the model number, photo, and dimensions provided above. If your model number is not listed, the part you have differs from the photo provided, or you are uncertain, kindly send your inquiry via email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz. We will respond promptly and provide you with the appropriate part.

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