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Samsung Microwave Lamp Light Bulb MW123H,

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Microwave Spare parts all brand,, Microwave Lamp Light Bulb,, Microwave lamp and lights,


Not in our stock 6-10 weeks to deliver after your purchase is made: No NZ or Au Stock, importing it from Korea


ME6124STXSA(Version 0000) ME6124WXSA(Version 0000) ME6144STXSA(Version 0000)    ME6144WXSA(Version 0000) MW123HRAD(Version 0000) MW123HXSA(Version 0000) ME6144STRAD(Version 0000),
Samsung M1983CE Microwave
Samsung ME6124ST Microwave
Samsung ME6124ST/RAD Microwave
Samsung ME6124W Microwave

240volt, 25watt, 4.8mm spade terminals
terminals are 6mm apart
65mm Long, 25mm diam
Length - 65mm, diameter - 25mm, hole spacing 40mm

163,454 2 163,454-2 163,454-2 Samsung 2080E 2080E 2080E Samsung 2080M 2080M 2080M Samsung 338/505 338/505 338/505 Samsung 338/508 338/508 338/508 Samsung 592,766 0 592,766 0 592,766 0 Samsung 690,767 690,767 690,767 Samsung 774,191 1 774,191-1 774,191-1 Samsung 890,837-8 890,837-8 890,837-8 Samsung 903,533-8 903,533-8 903,533-8 Samsung 947 607 122 947 607 122 947 607 122 Samsung 947 607 123 947 607 123 947 607 123 Samsung 947 607 128 947 607 128 947 607 128 Samsung 979,574-1 979,574-1 979,574-1 Samsung A2128RVS/E01 A2128RVS/E01 A2128RVS/E01 Samsung A2137RVS/E01 A2137RVS/E01 A2137RVS/E01 Samsung A2137RVS/E02 A2137RVS/E02 A2137RVS/E02 Samsung AFM141 AFM141 AFM141 Samsung AFM241 AFM241 AFM241 Samsung AFM341 AFM341 AFM341 Samsung AFM441 AFM441 AFM441 Samsung AFW141 AFW141 AFW141 Samsung AFW241 AFW241 AFW241 Samsung AGE0103MB/XPE AGE0103MB/XPE AGE0103MB/XPE Samsung AGE0104MB AGE0104MB/XPE AGE0104MB/XPE Samsung AGE1103TST/XPE AGE1103TST/XPE AGE1103TST/XPE Samsung AGE1103TW/XPE AGE1103TW/XPE 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Samsung C100 C100-5/XEG C100-5/XEG Samsung C100 C100-5/XEN C100-5/XEN Samsung C100 C100-5/XEP C100-5/XEP Samsung C100 C100-5/XEU C100-5/XEU Samsung C100 C100-5/XSG C100-5/XSG Samsung C100 C100-5SL/BOL C100-5SL/BOL Samsung C100 C100-5SL/XEN C100-5SL/XEN Samsung C100 C100-SL/BOL C100-SL/BOL Samsung C100 C100-SL/MAK C100-SL/MAK Samsung C100 C100-SL/XEN C100-SL/XEN Samsung C100 C100-SL/XEU C100-SL/XEU Samsung C100-5 C100-5/XEF C100-5/XEF Samsung C100C C100C/XEE C100C/XEE Samsung C100C C100C-5/XEE C100C-5/XEE Samsung C100C C100C-5S/XEE C100C-5S/XEE Samsung C100F C100F/MOH C100F/MOH Samsung C100F C100F/XTL C100F/XTL Samsung C100M C100M-5SL/XEG C100M-5SL/XEG Samsung C100M C100M-SL/XEG C100M-SL/XEG Samsung C100R C100R/BWT C100R/BWT Samsung C100R C100R-5/BWT C100R-5/BWT Samsung C100R C100R-5D/BWT C100R-5D/BWT Samsung C100R C100R-5SL/BWT C100R-5SL/BWT Samsung C100R C100R-5U/BWT C100R-5U/BWT Samsung C100R C100R-U/BWT C100R-U/BWT Samsung C100T C100T-SL/XEN C100T-SL/XEN Samsung C101 C101/XEF C101/XEF Samsung C101 C101-5/XST C101-5/XST Samsung C103 C103/XEU C103/XEU Samsung C103 C103-5/XEN C103-5/XEN Samsung C103 C103-5/XEU C103-5/XEU Samsung C103 C103-5SL/XEU C103-5SL/XEU Samsung C103 C103-SL/XEU C103-SL/XEU Samsung C103FL C103FL/XTL C103FL/XTL Samsung C103FL C103FL-5/XTL C103FL-5/XTL Samsung C103FL C103FL-5KC/XTL C103FL-5KC/XTL Samsung C103R C103R-5/BWT C103R-5/BWT Samsung C103R-5D C103R-5D/BWT C103R-5D/BWT Samsung C104F C104F/XEF C104F/XEF Samsung C104F C104F-5/XEH C104F-5/XEH Samsung C104F C104F-SL/XEF C104F-SL/XEF Samsung C105 C105/ELE C105/ELE Samsung C105 C105/XEF C105/XEF Samsung C105 C105/XEN C105/XEN Samsung C105 C105-5/XEC C105-5/XEC Samsung C105 C105-5/XEF C105-5/XEF Samsung C105 C105-5/XEN C105-5/XEN Samsung C105 C105-5/XEO C105-5/XEO Samsung C105 C105-5/XEP C105-5/XEP Samsung C105 C105-5SL/XEN C105-5SL/XEN Samsung C105 C105-SL/ELE C105-SL/ELE Samsung C105 C105-SL/XEN C105-SL/XEN Samsung C105-S C105-5S/XEF C105-5S/XEF Samsung C105AFR C105AFR-5/BWT C105AFR-5/BWT 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C138ST/XEN C138ST/XEN C138ST/XEN Samsung C138STF C138STF/MAK C138STF/MAK Samsung C138STF C138STF/XEN C138STF/XEN Samsung C138STT C138STT/XEF C138STT/XEF Samsung C139ST C139ST/FAT C139ST/FAT Samsung C139ST C139ST/UPC C139ST/UPC Samsung C139ST C139ST/XEC C139ST/XEC Samsung C139ST C139ST/XEF C139ST/XEF Samsung C139ST C139ST/XEU C139ST/XEU Samsung C139ST
25X62 BK, 25, 240, CLEAR, MIN100LX







We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. 

 4713-001031, 4713-001046


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