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Westinghouse simpson wall oven Door Hinge POP667S, POP667W, POP668S, 45-1-83,

Westinghouse simpson wall oven Door Hinge POP667S, POP667W, POP668S, 45-1-83,
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Price for 2 Hinge and silicon glue 

Hinge POP667S, POP667W POP668S POP668W POP667S*02 POP667W*02 POP668W*02 POP668S*02, PGP659S PGP659W PXP698S GSP627SLP, PXP698W, GSP627SNG, PXP698S*02 PXP698W*02 GOP474SLP, GOP474SNG, GOP474WLP, GOP474WNG GOP476SLP GOP476SNG GOP476WLP GOP476WNG, GOP474SLP*03 GOP474SNG*03 GOP474WLP*03, GOP474WNG*03, GOP476SLP*03, GOP476SNG*03 GOP476WLP*03, GOP476WNG*03 PGP659S*02 PDP790S*04, PDP790W*04 PGP659W*02, GSP627SLP*60 GSP627SNG*60 GOP474SLP*02, GOP474SNG*02 GOP474WLP*02, GOP474WNG*02, GOP476SLP*02, GOP476SNG*02 GOP476WLP*02 GOP476WNG*02 GGP475SLP GGP475SNG GGP475WLP, GGP475WNG, PDP794S PDP794W, GOP474SLP*01 GOP474SNG*01, GOP474WLP*01 GOP474WNG*01 GOP476SLP*01, GOP476SNG*01 GOP476WLP*01, GOP476WNG*01 GXP650SLP*02, GXP650SNG*02 GXP650WLP*02 GXP650WNG*02, PDP794S*02 PDP794W*02 PDP790W GXP650SLP, GXP650SNG, GXP650WLP GXP650WNG GSP627SLP*03 GSP627SNG*03 ,GXP650SLP*03 GXP650SNG*03 GXP650WLP*03 GXP650WNG*03 PDP790S*02 PDP790W*02 GGP475SLP*03, GGP475SNG*03 GGP475WLP*03 GGP475WNG*03 POP783S POP783S*02 GXP650SLP*01 GXP650SNG*01, GXP650WLP*01 GXP650WNG*01 GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SNG*01, GGP475WLP*01, GGP475WNG*01, EOB305X, 944031429, EOB307X, 944031430, GGP475SLP*02, GGP475SNG*02, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WNG*02, PDP790S, PON668S, PON668W, EOC644S*40, EOC644W*40, EOC614S, EOC614W, EOC644W, EOC644S, EUEE63AS*40, EOEE62AS*47, EOEE63AS*47, EOC644S*04, EOC644W*04, EOC644W*32, EOEE62AS*40, EOEE63AS*40, EUEE63AS, EDEE63AS*42 EOEM61AS*42, EOEM61AS*47, EDEE63AS*47, EDEE63AS*40, EOC644S*43, EOEE62AS, EOEE63AS, EOEM61AS*40 ,EUEE63AS*46 EUEE63AS*38 EUEE63AS*41 EOEM61AS EDEE63AS EOEE62AS*39 EOEE63AS*39 EDEE63AS*39 EUEE63AS*39 EOEE62AS*41 EOEE63AS*41 EDEE63AS*41 EUEE63AS*42, 63H914S*42 63H914W*42 EOEE62AS*42 EOEE63AS*42 EOC644S*42 EOC644W*42, 63H914S*40 63H914W*40, EOB305X 944031429 EOB307X 944031430 63H914S 63H914W EOEM61AS*04 EOEK62AK 63H914S*04 63H914W*04 63H914W*32, EUEE63AS*47, PON667W PON668W POP667S POP667W POP668S POP668W POP667S*02 POP667W*02 POP668W*02, PON668, PON667, PON668S,  POP668S*02, GON474WLP GON474WNG GON476WLP GON476WNG PON667W*40 PON668W*40 PXN698W PXN698W*32 PGP659S PGP659W PXP698S GSP627SLP PXP698W GSP627SNG PXP698S*02 PXP698W*02 GSN627SLP GSN627SNG GOP474SLP GOP474SNG GOP474WLP GOP474WNG GOP476SLP GOP476SNG GOP476WLP GOP476WNG PXN698W*40 PGN659S*40 PGN659W*40 GOP474SLP*03 GOP474SNG*03 GOP474WLP*03 GOP474WNG*03, GOP476SLP*03 GOP476SNG*03, GOP476WLP*03 GOP476WNG*03 PDN790S PDN790W PXN698W*38 GXN650WLP*38 GXN650WNG*38 PGP659S*02, PDP790S*04 PDP790W*04 PGP659W*02 GSP627SLP*60 GSP627SNG*60 PPN778W*46 GOP474SLP*02 GOP474SNG*02 ,GOP474WLP*02 GOP474WNG*02 PDN794S PDN794W GOP476SLP*02 GOP476SNG*02 GOP476WLP*02 GOP476WNG*02, GGP475SLP GGP475SNG GGP475WLP GGP475WNG PDP794S PDP794W PDN790S*40 PDN790W*40 PDN790S*04 PDN790W*04 PDN790W*32 GXN650WLP GXN650WNG GXN650WLP*32 GXN650WNG*32 GOP474SLP*01 GOP474SNG*01, GOP474WLP*01 GOP474WNG*01 GOP476SLP*01 GOP476SNG*01 GOP476WLP*01 GOP476WNG*01 GXP650SLP*02, GXP650SNG*02 GXP650WLP*02 GXP650WNG*02 PGN659S PGN659W PGN659W*32 PDP794S*02 PDP794W*02 PDP790W, GXP650SLP GXP650SNG GXP650WLP GXP650WNG GSP627SLP*03 GSP627SNG*03 GXP650SLP*03 GXP650SNG*03, GXP650WLP*03 GXP650WNG*03 PDP790S*02 PDP790W*02 PDN790W*38 PDN790S*38 GGP475SLP*03 GGP475SNG*03 GGP475WLP*03 GGP475WNG*03 PPN778W PON667S*04 PON667W*04 PON668S*04 PDN794S*04 PDN794W*04 PON668W*04 PDN794W*32 PON781S*04 PPN776W*04 PPN778W*04 PPN778W*32 PON667W*32 PPN778W*45 PON668W*32 PON781S*40 PON783S*40 PPN778W*37 POP783S POP783S*02 PPN778W*47 GXP650SLP*01 GXP650SNG*01 GXP650WLP*01 GXP650WNG*01 GON476SNG*04 GON476WNG*04 GON476WLP*04 GGP475SLP*01, GGP475SNG*01 GGP475WLP*01 GGP475WNG*01 GON474WNG*32 GON474WLP*32 GON476WNG*32 GON476WLP*32, PDN794S*40 PDN794W*40, GSN627SLP*33 GSN627SNG*33, GGN475SLP ,GGN475SNG, GGN475WLP, GGN475WNG, PON781S, PON783S PXN698W*04 GGP475SLP*02 GGP475SNG*02, GGP475WLP*02, GGP475WNG*02, GGN475WLP*32, GGN475WNG*32, PDP790S,

* Note, For equal tension and strength replace both hinges  & needs to be sealed to door with a suitable siliconeINDUSTRIAL RATE


                                                        REPLACING ADHESIVE BONDED DOOR HINGES.



 white spirits, a clean rag, a 15mm chisel or big flat head screw driver to scratch old silicon from door frame 

1/ Remove door inner panel and place on a soft surface, such as carpet or towelling.

2/ If a hinge is already loose, undo screws & remove. If hinge is still stuck to door,

undo screws, carefully  lift it by screw driver.

3/ scrape off all glue,  May clean surfaces with

white spirits.

4/ Thoroughly dry off all traces of white spirit, using a dry, clean cloth.

5/ Extrude a bead of Silicon onto the door pan and immediately press hinge into

place. Fasten screws. need 2 Hour to dry.

6/ Place weight on hinge & leave overnight, preferably 24 hours, for silicon to set.

Alternatively, reassemble fit door to oven & ask customer to leave overnight before



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