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Fisher & Paykel Fridge Water Filter - E442BRXFDU5, Short 847201, FWC4, 643 Litre Capacity ,

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Fridge Water Filter,, Water Filter and Ice Maker Parts and Accessories ,


short filter RF610ADUB5, RF610ADJX5, RF610ADUSX5, RF610ADJX5,RS9120WRJ1, RS9120WLJ1,­RF442BRPUX6, RS9120WRU1, E522BRXFDU5, E522BLXFDU5, E522BRXFDJ5, E522BLXFDJ5, E522BRXFDJ5, E522BLXFDJ5 E442BRXFDU5, E422BRXFDJ5, E442BLXFDJ5, E442BLXFDJ5,E402BRXFDU5, E402BRXFDU5, rf605qduvx1, RF135BDLJX4 (25797-A), RF135BDLUX4 (25062-A, 25062-B, 25062-C), RF135BDRJX4 (25798-A), RF135BDRUX4 (25063-A, 25063-B, 25063-C), RF135BLPJX6 (25111-A, 25110-A, 25110-B, 25111-B, 25110-C, 25111-C)
RF170ADJX4 (25802-A), RF170ADUSB5 (25606-A, 25606-B), RF170ADUSX4 (25065-A, 25065-B, 25065-C), RF170BLPUX6 (25104-A, 25104-B, 25104-C), RF170BRPUX6 (25103-A, 25103-B, 25103-C), RF170WDLJX5 (25800-A), RF170WDLUX5 (25067-A, 25067-B, 25067-C), RF170WDRJX5 (25801-A), RF170WDRUB5 (25607-A, 25607-B), RF170WDRUX5 (25069-A, 25069-B, 25069-C)
RF201ACJSX1 (25371-A, 25371-B), RF201ACUSX1 (25372-A, 25372-B), RF201ADJSX5 (25799-A), RF201ADUSB5 (25608-A, 25608-B), RF201ADUSX5 (25072-A, 25072-B, 25072-C)
RS36A72J1 (25075-C, 25823-A), RS36A72U1 (25805-A), RS36A72U1 (25076-B, 25076-C), RS36A80J1 (24300-C), RS36A80J1 (25074-C, 25822-A), RS36A80U1 (24301-C), RS36A80U1 (25073-B, 25073-C, 25804-A), RS36W80LJ1 (24386-C), RS36W80LJ1 (25105-C, 25824-A), RS36W80RJ1 (24387-C), RS36W80RJ1 (25106-C, 25825-A), RS36W80RU1 (24388-C), RS36W80RU1 (25107-B, 25107-C, 25826-A),

Check your filter first before purchase , to buy older version click on this photo 

Screen Shot 2020-08-28 at 7

E402BRXFDU5 (25120-A, 25120-B, 25528-A, 25528-B)
E442BLXFDJ5 (25117-A, 25117-B, 25536-A, 25536-B), E442BRXFDJ5 (25116-A, 25116-B, 25542-A, 25542-B), E442BRXFDU5 (25079-A, 25079-B, 25547-A, 25547-B)
E522BLXFDJ5 (25115-A, 25115-B, 25410-A, 25410-B), E522BLXFDU5 (25085-A, 25085-B, 25413-A, 25413-B), E522BRXFDJ5 (25114-A, 25114-B, 25420-A, 25420-B), E522BRXFDU5 (25426-B)
RF522ADJX5 (25113-A, 25113-B, 25434-A, 25434-B), RF522ADUB5 (25401-A, 25401-B, 25401-C, 25401-D), RF522ADUX5 (25087-A, 25087-B, 25442-A, 25442-B), RF522BRDUB5 (25586-A, 25586-B, 25586-C), RF522WDLUX5 (25092-A, 25092-B, 25462-A, 25462-B), RF522WDRUX5 (25091-A, 25091-B, 25474-A, 25474-B)
RF610ADJX5 (25487-B), RF610ADUB5 (25303-A, 25303-B, 25303-C, 25303-D), RF610ADUSX5 (25094-A, 25094-B, 25494-A), RF610ADUX5 (25494-B)
RS90AU1 (24996-C, 25828-A)
RS9120WRU1 (25342-B, 25342-C, 25842-A)

Please have a look to your current filter and compare it with the photo of filter in this link, if it is not the same there should be a part number on your filter , search the number in our website 

Use with Fisher & Paykel refrigerators with Model Numbers starting with RF610, RF522, E522, E442, E422, and E402. Please check your Product code to determine which filter is right for you.

A control panel icon on your fridge will flash to remind you it's time to replace your filter · 

We recommend the filter is changed every 6 months or less for optimal water flowImportant
Note:  Please check your Product code or the Filter Part number which is written on the Filter, to ensure you order the correct Filter:  If your Product code starts with a 25xxx, then order this filter.
If your Product code starts with a 24xxx, you will need to order Part from this link


water filter installation guide 

.  If you are unsure of your Product Code, see following diagram

Screen Shot 2019-10-02 at 5

Will Fit on following Type Fridge

Fisher-Paykel-RF610ADUSX5-614L-French-Door-Fridge-Hero-Image-high-809     ad2ec23e-dc30-4f63-a142-760230eecac6-129  cq ck 1493783162191-922 


All connections must be checked for leaks.
Ensure 6mm tubing is routed away from sharp objects, sharp corners (beware of kinking the tube as this will stop water flow), clear of the refrigerator rear compartment and not in a location where it can be kinked or squashed. Ensure all push-fit connections are firmly pushed into place. The tube should push in 16mm before reaching the stop.
If tubing is removed at any point, re-cut the end and re-insert. Tubing must be fully inserted to avoid leaks.
To remove tube from connection points first turn off the isolating faucet. Gently push the dispensing pad a few times using a glass or container to remove the static line pressure. Push in the collet firmly while pulling back on the tubing at the same time, as shown in Diagram 11.












We Strongly recommend you to remove the part which is faulted and check it out and compare carefully with model number and photo and dimension above if you dont see your model number here or the part you have isnt similar to above photo or you are not sure , please send us your request by email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz we will reply back to you asap with offering right part. 



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