Fisher paykel Oven Knob OB60SC5CEX1 Mech 37 6DIA Black,

$49.00 + FREIGHT & GST

ETA 15 JUNE Sorry, there are only 3 of this item currently in stock. the selected product is not available.


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Compatible with the following models:

81477-A - OB60B77CEX3 FP AA
81485-A - OB6OSC7CEX1 FP AA
81491-A - OB6OSC7LEX1 FP AA
81492-A - OB60SCVMX1 FP AA
81493-A - OB6OSC5LCX1 FP AA
81495-A - OB6OSC5CEX1 FP AA
81498-A - OB6ONC7CEX1 FP AA
81505-A - OB6OSC7VEX1 FP AA
81542-A - OB60B77CEX3 FP GB
81542-B - OB60B77CE3 GB
81742-A - OB6OSC7CEX2 FP AA
81748-A - OB6OSC5CEX2 FP AA
80980-A - OB6OSC5CEX1 FP AA
80980-B - OB60SC5CEX1 FP AA
80983-A - OB60NC7CEX1 FP AA
80983-B - OB60NC7CEX1 FP AA
81114-A - OB6OSC7VEX1 FP AA
81114-B - OB6OSC7VEX1 FP AA
81474-A - OB60B77CEW3 Ep AA
81475-A - OB60B77DEX3 FP AA
81476-A - OB6ODDEX4 FP AA
81477-A - OB60B77CE¥3 EP AA
81485-A - OB60SC7CEX1 FP AA
81491-A - OB6OSC7LEX1 EP AA
80821-B - OB60B77CEW3 FP AA
80822-B - OB60B77DEX3 FP AA
80823-B - OB60DDEX4 FP AA
80832-B - OB60B77CEX3 FP AA
80948-A - OB6OSC7CEX1 FP AA
80948-B - OB6OSC7CEX1 FP AA
80976-A - OB6OSC7LEX1 FP AA
80976-B - OB60SC7LEX1 FP AA
80977-A - OB60SCVMX1 FP AA
80977-B - OB60SCVMX1 FP AA
80978-A - OB6OSC5LCX1 EP AA
80978-B - OB6SC5ICX1 EP AA,

The price is for each knob.

opposite to 561308


We strongly recommend for you to remove your faulty part and compare it with the model number, photos, or dimensions above to ensure you are purchasing the correct part. If you are not sure if it is the correct part, please don't hesitate to contact us at or by using the 'contact us' page of our website and we will reply back to you ASAP letting you know what part you should purchase.


If you purchase the wrong part, we do accept returns but there will be a 20% restocking fee.


561305. 563282, 



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