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Fisher Paykel Dishdraw detergent dispenser Kit All series

$118.00 + FREIGHT & GST

Please Email Us For An ETA Sorry, there are only 2 of this item currently in stock. the selected product is not available.


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DS602, DD602, DS603, DD603, DD24DI7, DD601, DD601I, DD601V2, DD601V2I, DD602, DD602I, DD603 with product code of  80007 - 80009 - 80011 - 80013 - 80187 - 80188 - 80189 - 80191 - 80193 - 87721 - 87722 - 87768 - 87769 - 87779 - 87785 - 87786 - 87787 - 87800 - 88284 - 88910 - 88911 - 88964, DD603H - 88916 - 88917 - 88966, DD603I - 87723 - 87770 - 80190 - 80192 - 88912, DD603IH - 88918
DD603M - 80194 - 80195 - 87820 - 87822, DD603MFD - 80005 - 80186 - 80196 - 87988, DS601, DS601I, DS601V2, DS601V2I, DS602, DS602I, DS603, DS603I
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We highly recommend that you remove the faulty part and conduct a thorough comparison with the model number, photo, and dimensions provided above. If your model number is not listed, the part you have differs from the photo provided, or you are uncertain, kindly send your inquiry via email to info@homeappliancesonline.co.nz. We will respond as soon as possible and give you the right part you need.


Just so you know, selecting the wrong part is possible, but it may incur a 20% restocking fee imposed by the supplier, which will be passed on to you.

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